Nexx SX100R Review: Best Budget Sports Helmet Under $350?

The SX100R is based largely on the existing SX100 but with some upgrades to suit sportier riding.

The base SX100 is a decent helmet. I wore it for a few hundred miles to review it, and the add-ons for the SX100R certainly haven’t made it any worse.

Nexx SX.100R Review

Shell Construction

It has a plastic shell, weighing in on our scales at 1660 grams for the size medium version. That’s a bit weighty for a sports helmet, but the plastic shell means it will be heavier than lids with a composite fiber shell.

But those composite fiber shell helmets almost always cost considerably more money than this helmet.


The venting on the SX100R comes from a sliding chin intake, and then there’s a switched intake on top of the shell.

The top vent reveals an inlet that brings air down into the lid through channels in the impact liner, and then it can travel through holes at the base of the aero spoiler.

This spoiler is the main visual difference between the SX100R and the SX100, the helmet on which this is based. The other differences are in the lining, which I’ll get to in a minute.


The SX100R’s visor is quick-release, and it’s dead easy to fit. I took the visor of this helmet off and put it back on again in less than 20 seconds.

That was with only one practice run to work out how to do it, so I’m sure if you owned one of these helmets, you’d be able to change this in no time.

Pinlock Anti-Fogging

The visor has a pinlock 70 insert to protect it against the mist, and it’s a Max Vision version. So, it won’t do anything to impede your vision like some of the smaller pin locks you get on many cheap helmets.

Sun Visor

It’s supported by an internal sun visor that operates on a switch on the top left of the shell. Sadly, that internal sun visor isn’t protected against the mist.

There’s no anti-fog coating, so on those cold sunny mornings, you’re unlikely to be able to see just how clear your lovely Pinlock-protected outer visor is.


As I said earlier, this is one of the key differences between the SX100 and this SX100R. 

But, again, it’s a two-tone racing liner; you get the white contrast material throughout, and it’s also better to manage moisture for riders working a bit harder.

On a sports bike and getting a sweat on, it’s also good to see this helmet comes with a chin curtain as standard.

My main criticism of the SX100 base helmet when I reviewed it back in 2018 was that I experienced quite a lot of air flowing past the chin bar while riding a naked bike.

Back then, the chin curtain was an optional extra, but for the small cost, it would have been worth it. 

Instead, I found that dust would get into my eyes without the curtain, making them water. 

Thankfully, with the upgraded version, a chin curtain comes as standard.


Behind the cheek pads, as part of the liner, there are also recesses for speakers. 

To insert the speakers, remove the foam inserts that come as standard. Removing the foam insets leaves plenty of room to ride with speakers fitted.

If you don’t want to ride with them, leave them in, which will help reduce any road noise.

This helmet is prepared for Nex’s X-com Bluetooth system. There’s a cover on the side of the shell where the control unit can clip, and then there’s a cavity at the back between the impact liner and the shell where you can stow a battery.

Using the standard Nex intercom will be the best route for this lid, as the rim around the shell around the base is quite thick, making it difficult to clamp a universal intercom on.

If you want to go for a universal intercom, I think it would be best to use the self-adhesive pad to attach the unit to the shell.

Fastening Strap

The strap fastener on the SX100R is the same as the normal helmet. However, it is based on a micrometric buckle fastener. 

It’s quick, it’s simple, but it might disappoint some people who want the D-rings that are usually associated with a sporty helmet.

Safety Ratings

This helmet is ECE 2205 approved for the road, but it’s not ACU gold, so track days and racing with this helmet are out of the question with this helmet.

It is too new for the Sharp impact testing scheme in the UK, but the SX 100, pretty much the same helmet, scored three stars when it was tested.

The SX100 has been popular with customers who praise its value, but noise levels seem to be an issue for some.

I would say this isn’t the quietest of helmets in my experience, and a decent pair of earplugs is recommended for use with this helmet. 

The main competition for this helmet comes from Nolan’s N87, and I’d say that the Nolan is a bit better than the SX100R. 

However, Nolan won’t appreciate me saying that if you prefer the sportier look of this helmet or the N87 doesn’t suit your head shape, then this SX100R is a decent alternative to that helmet.

In Conclusion

The Nexx SX.100R is the first motorcycle helmet to feature ATR/PC lightweight thermoplastic shell construction. 

The ATR/PC material is manufactured from a high-density polymer composite designed to increase the strength of the shell.

This material also reduces weight and is highly resistant to damage from impacts. In addition, the Nexx SX.100R helmet features a unique X-SWIFT quick release system, allowing the user to remove the visor in seconds.

The visor is easily secured to the helmet with a micro-metric quick-release buckle and is removable and washable.

The interior lining of the helmet features an anti-allergenic and anti-sweat fabric to keep the rider cool and comfortable.

The chin windstopper insert is removable, and the chin strap is adjustable. The Nexx SX.100R also features a removable, washable interior pad for added comfort.

The Nexx SX.100R is the first helmet to feature the X-MART dry anti-sweat and anti-allergenic fabric inner lining.

This innovative lining features a unique X-MART design to keep the rider dry and comfortable. 

In addition, the Nexx SX.100R helmet features two air intakes and one exhaust vent, keeping the rider cool and comfortable.

The Nexx SX.100R has a dynamic air system to keep riders comfortable and cool. This system features twin front intake vents and a rear exhaust vent.

The visor is also equipped with a visor ventilation system which keeps the rider cool and comfortable. In addition, the Nexx SX.100R features a removable and washable breath guard.

Where To Buy

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