Lightweight Women’s Motorcycle Helmets The Right One For You

Our Top 3 Lightweight Women’s Motorcycle Helmets.

We have put together what we consider to be the best lightweight women’s motorcycle helmets at prices that will shock you. Check out our in-depth video reviews to find the right light women’s motorcycle helmet for you.

G-MAX-GM35- Lightweight helmets for ladies

The G max GM 55 half helmet available from revzilla.comOpens in a new tab. is a lightweight women’s motorcycle helmet that comes in two different styles.

Both are what they call a fully dressed version or a version that comes with a little visor peak, which is just a small little stylish peak to keep the sun out of your eyes.

Helmet Peak

The sun visor is on the small side, so it’s not going to be super useful on keeping the Sun out of your eyes unless the Sun is coming down at that perfect angle to block it.

Then there’s the naked version, which essentially has no snap-on attachments on the front. It’s just a straightforward, clean design.


The G max GM 55 half helmet is available with a ton of different graphic options. Hence, if flames are your thing, or if you like pink, orange, matte black.

There is even a pseudo carbon fiber version, which is a carbon fiber look but not an actual real carbon fiber helmet, but it does have that look.

Wind Curtain

If skulls are your thing, there is a version that has an excellent skull graphic across the top of the helmet.

The G max GM 55 lightweight women’s helmet comes with an enormous wind curtain installed that is included with all of their helmets.

For cold-weather riding, the curtain wraps around the back of your head, covering your ears. It extends the usable range of this helmet down into colder temperatures and keeps you comfortable.

Internal Sun Visor

This lightweight ladies helmet comes with an integrated Sun Visor and what I found is this helmet works well for that kind of rides where you want to get out there and cruise a little bit.

To drop the Sun Visor down, there is a tab on the side of the helmet. You grab it and yank it down, and you’re ready to go.

I will say that this type of design is useful for preventing things from hitting your eyes and your face, and it’s excellent for sunlight.

The wind will still be able to get underneath the sun visor, and if it’s a dusty or there’s a lot of bugs, you might end up getting then up in your eye.

A lot of times, it’s good to wear some goggles or glasses underneath this style of helmet.

It is convenient if you have bright sunny conditions, you could drop the sun visor down to keep your vision a little more comfortable and then obviously flip it up out of the way when you don’t need it.

Helmet Fit & Shape

It’s not overly broad on the top of your head. Our editor uses a size medium, and if it’s very comfortable, I would say it’s an intermediate oval shape and sizing is pretty spot-on for a helmet.

Chin Strap

One thing I will say is the chin strap is a little bit on the long side. You will see there’s a small elastic loop that you have to put the chin strap up through.

You want to make sure that it goes underneath the elastic loop, so this chin strap isn’t flapping around when you are riding.

The other thing that you do have the option of is trimming off the end of the strap.

If it is too long for you, you want to make sure you melt it at the end because it’s just a nylon strap, and you don’t want it to start fraying on you. Overall a very comfortable helmet.

I like the way they lined the sides of the straps with excellent soft material, so it’s comfortable. It doesn’t chafe the size of your face or your cheeks and, again, just a traditional Deering stock closure.

Helmet Interior

The interior looks like it’s a Coolmax interior that is fully removable and is moisture-wicking.

You can pull out the inside entirely with just a few tabs that run around the front and the back.

What’s nice about a removable liner is you can pull it out, especially if it’s hot where you ride.

In the summertime, you can wash it out, which is easy, let it drip dry, and keep it nice and fresh for a more extended period.


On the inside, you’ll see that even though there aren’t any external vents on this helmet. The top portion where the visor peak drops down, especially if you have it deployed, wind can get up underneath between the shell of the helmet and the EPS liner.

The inside of the helmet underneath the EPS liner are air channels and holes throughout it that will allow a little bit of air to come in through the front and the top and reach your skin, keep you a little more comfortable for warm weather riding.

In Conclusion

If you’re looking for a shorty stop helmet, these are the 50 to 60 dollar rangeOpens in a new tab., depending on which style you choose. So, a very affordable price point and available in a wide variety of colors and graphics, as well as the naked version without the peak or the version with the peak, depending on what your preference is.

HJC IS Cruiser Amor Half Face Women’s Lightweight Helmet

The HJC IS Cruiser Amor lightweight Half Face Helmet available from revzilla.comOpens in a new tab. is a half helmet from HJC with an open-faced design, and IS stands for internal sunshade.

It has a drop-down internal Sun Visor, which makes it convenient for riding through bright conditions or if you need some additional eye protection while you ride.

Internal Sun Visor

The internal sun visor gives you a fair amount of coverage which comes down just past my nose, and it’s far enough forward where if I were to wear glasses, it would have plenty of clearance.

The sun visor is raised or lowered with a simple pull tab on the side. You can easily swap out the internal sun shield if you need to. The sun visor is a kind of lightly smoked version, and there are different tints available.

Change Sun Visor

To change the sun visor is pretty innovative, rather than having some hidden tabs up underneath like a lot of helmets do, this has a side plate that you simply rotate backward and once you pop that open you can pull the tab off.

It frees up the pin so that you can pull out the internal visor and replace it; it’s very straightforward and easy to do without any tools.

The HJC IS Cruiser Amor also has a little visor peak on the front of the helmet to help block the sun as you’re riding,


There aren’t any internal vents on the front of the helmet per se, but if you take a look at the back of the helmet, you do have exhaust ventilation, which is going to help draw any warm air out the back of the helmet as you ride.

On the interior of the helmet, there are some air passages underneath the padding. There are also some mesh materials, so as you’re riding, it creates some excellent airflow to allow you to stay comfortable even in warm weather.

Helmet Weight

The weight of this helmet comes in at just over two and a half pounds, two-point six five pounds on our shipping scale in size large.

The HJC IS Cruiser Amor lightweight women’s helmet comes with a polycarbonate shell, that does tend to make them a little bit on the heavier.

But being a half helmet, it’s not as nearly as much of a concern since it’s not a full face or a modular helmet, which tends to be a little bit on the heavier side.


The interior is very plush, very comfortable with lots of padding, and is fully removable. It has a nilex interior, which means it’s moisture-wicking and antibacterial.

If you need to pull it out to clean it up, you can be aware that it clips in around the edge – around the back and the front, so it’s a little bit of a pain to pull it all out, but it definitely can be done.

If you need to replace it after a couple of years, you can do that. You won’t be needing to pull out the interior that often.

Chin Strap

This lightweight women’s helmet comes with a traditional double D-ring style closure with a neck strap to keep it comfortable for all-day riding.

HJC Unisex-Adult IS Cruiser – Lightweight Women’s Motorcycle Helmets

I guess the best way to begin is to answer the two most obvious questions first. The first one is “so it’s called an is Cruiser” (available from in a new tab. does that mean it’s for Cruiser type motorcycles?

Allow me to answer that question with a question. Have you ever seen a motorcycle wearing a helmet?

Motorcycle helmets should not be picked based on what style of motorcycle you ride, but rather with what style you ride on your bike.

This helmet is called the cruiser because that’s what it’s used for. Cruising, chilling, relaxing. It’s a women’s lightweight half helmet for taking it easy.

The next question will come from Harley riders who will ask, “I have the same helmet, but it has the Harley logo on it, did HJC steel this helmet design from Harley?”

No HJC makes Harley’s helmets. It’s HJC that wanted to offer this popular helmet design to more riders and not just non-Harley folks but also Harley riders that prefer not to flash a ton of branding all over the place.


You’ll notice right away that the HJC logo on the front is very subtle in noncontrasting colors.

The helmets are only available in gloss or flat black colors, so they’re definitely for the less flashy riders.

If you’re looking for more color options, check out the similar CS-2N Helmet also from HJC.


The shell is made of polycarbonate, and the size large weighed in on our scales at 2.65 pounds.


The drop-down shell design makes this helmet feel incredibly secure compared to some more basic half helmet shapes. The size chart is accurate, so make sure you use it. My head circumference calls for large, and the fit is spot on.


The HJC Unisex-Adult IS Cruiser helmet is available in sizes extra small to double extra-large. I think this helmet is going to be popular, so expect to see some larger sizes in the future.


There are three features on this helmet that set it apart from other helmets of this style.


This helmet has some ventilation. Some helmets like the IS2 don’t have any as you pick up speed, a pocket of low-pressure forms behind the helmet that draws hot moist air out of the vents.

Drop Down Sun Visor

The second feature is the HJ V4 drop-down Sun Visor. Don’t get me wrong, this is not the first half helmet to offer this feature, but it’s one of the first to get it right.

It’s simple, there’s no complex release system to fail or add unnecessary weight to the helmet, but it’s also not so simple that it feels fragile or cheap.

The shield doesn’t scrape against the shell when you raise or lower it, and it has different selectable detents. The only thing I would change is the tint. I would add a lot more of it.

Not only use the Sun visors as Sun visors, but that is also my only eye protection, so for me, I would have to replace the shield right away for a darker one.


The liner in this helmet is a plush Nialex moisture-wicking liner. I know this isn’t the first half helmet to sport this liner but what’s unique is that it’s fully removable and washable without making the helmet look any larger.


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