ContiSport Attack 4 Review

ContiSport Attack 4 Review

The Continental ContiSport Attack 4 Radial Tires will sit somewhere between the race attack, which is their 50/50 street and tracks tire, which is a step up from the sport attack 2.

The price for this tire will come in between around $126 to $201, depending on which size you’re going with, so a very affordable street sport tire.

When I say street sport, this is pretty much the most aggressive street tire before you start getting into some track components from Continental.

This is going to be for those of you spending 90% of your time riding pretty aggressively on the street.

Maybe you’re doing one track day a year, but you still want to prioritize a little bit of longevity within your sport component. That’s who is looking at the Conti sport attack 4

There’s a lot of continental tires out there, so I know that gets a bit confusing; hopefully, that helps to clarify within Continental’s line exactly what you’re looking for.

There is a price match guarantee at RevZilla, so you are guaranteed to get the lowest price, but for those out there looking for a solid tire without breaking the bank for your sport riding needs, this is definitely one to consider.

Like all tire manufacturers, Continental keeps a lot of the components of what goes into their tires under wraps.

We can tell you that what they’re calling their black chili compound. It is designed to give you quick warm-up times and maximize high grip in aggressive riding situations.

What they’re also claiming is improved wet and dry grip. It’s not going to be the best-wet weather tire than we’ve ever seen, but considering this is aimed at aggressive sport riding, you do get a nice mix of wet and dry performance.

Within that black Chili compound, there’s also a nice mix of carbon black. Carbon black is added so that you get a better life out of the tire.

Continental is claiming about a five percent increase in tire life when compared to the attack 3. They are also claiming about 10 percent better grip from the compound itself.

The other thing that Continental does well is they have what’s known as their traction skin design for removing the tire from the mold.

What that means is when you get the tire, it’s got almost a matte finish to it. You don’t have to worry about scrubbing the tire down.

Once you have a new set of tires installed for most tire manufacturers, you got to take about a hundred miles or so and really wear the tire in.

You need to wear off that removing agent from taking the tire out of the mold because it does get slick.

You don’t have to worry about that with Continental, and as soon as you touch a set of these, you’ll know exactly what I mean.

It’s like a tacky matte finish to the tires, so you can pretty much put these on, go out and start riding.

If you are looking at these tires, you’d be putting them on a sportbike or a sport naked, and you would be pushing the limits on the street.

Again, If you’re looking at something a little bit more track-oriented from Continental, that’s where you’d be stepping up to something like the race attack tire.

If you want to look at something a step down from this, maybe you want to save even more money, you could take a look at the sport attack 2’s.

There’s a lot of bikers out there using Continental, and if you want more information on what those folks have to say, you can click here to read other rider reviews.Opens in a new tab.

If you’re not sure which tire is right for you or your riding style, reach out to one of our gear geeks.

They can walk you through all the different tires available to find one that matches your riding style and the price you’re looking to spend.