HJC i70 Review: Best Full Face Motorcycle Helmet Under $250?

We get asked all the time to recommend a helmet with loads of great features and a fantastic price that won’t break the bank and comes in loads of colors.

Well, take a look at this beauty, the HJC I70. A lightweight polycarbonate shell with a nice wide visor aperture and a sun visor to boot.

This is HJC’s helmet in the competitive price bracket and starts at under $200 in plain colors and under $250 for more intricate designs.

When the i70 first came out in 2019, it was about $30 more expensive, but the drop in price over the last couple of years has made the i70 much more competitive.

HJC i70 Review

Shell Construction

It’s got a plastic shell, which normally means a heavier lid, but the i70 weighs in on our scales at 1519 grams for a size medium, which is pretty good for a helmet in this class. 

It’s lighter than some very expensive composite fiber-shelled helmets we weighed last year.


Ventilation on this helmet comes from a single sliding chin vent, with two on the top. 

The chin vent has a delicate operation and is really simple to use. I wish I could say the same for the top two, but I can’t. 

They’re a little trickier to operate with gloves on because you need to get quite a bit of pressure on there to get them to slide, and they can end up being a little bit fiddly. 

There are channels in the impact liner that allow the air that comes in through the top to flow from the front of the helmet to the back. 

It then comes out through the two permanently open exhaust vents.

In my time with this helmet, which is around 1200 miles of riding, I found the venting adequate without really excelling, but it is on a par with other helmets in this price bracket.


The visor on this helmet is quick-release, and it takes only seconds to remove and replace it. 

It lifts, and it locks on the central tab. Pushing that tab down firmly at the end locks it down, and then pushing on the lower section releases it again.

Leaving it there opens up a small gap around the base to allow some air to flow in, and then the visor carries on lifting from that tab.

Pinlock Anti-Fogging

The visor is pin lock protected to stop misting, and it’s a pinlock 70 max vision insert. So that’s the middle grade of Pinlock.

It’s custom-made to suit this visor and has better moisture management properties than the basic pinlock 30 insert. Also, because it’s custom-made, it covers most of the iport. That’s the Max-vision bit, so it doesn’t hinder your vision.

It keeps that visor nice and clear from mist without hindering your vision. 

Sun Visor

There’s also an internal sun visor which you operate with the switch on the lower left rim of the shell.

In my opinion, that’s the best place to have a sun visor switch. It seems to be the most convenient, instead of having the switch on the top where it can make extra noise, and it could also be a little bit awkward to reach.

Sadly, that sun visor itself isn’t coated to stop it from fogging up, which is pretty common on helmets of this price. So you need to spend a few more dollars to get an anti-fog sun visor.

The standout example of a helmet with an anti-fog sun visor is the Nolan’s N87 which is around $30 more expensive than this i70.


There’s nothing flashy about the comfort lining, but it is effective and comfy.

It’s fully removable for washing, and there’s room behind each cheek pad for intercom speakers so you can stay in touch while riding.

Safety Fasteners

The strap fastener on this helmet does move away from the norm for helmets in this price bracket and gives you d-rings where most sub-$200 helmets have micrometric buckles.

The customer reviews for this helmet are positive, with 71 percent of the reviewers awarding it five stars.


One issue that does crop up a little from those reviews, which I can relate to, is sizing.

My head measures 59 centimeters in diameter, but I take a size medium in most helmets, even HJCs.

Even though all the size charts usually suggest 59 centimeters needs a large helmet, with this i70, I did need a large one.

 It fits well by going up a size, or it fits me well by going up a size, but it’s worth bearing in mind that you may need to go a size bigger even if you normally wear HJCs.

Don’t just assume that you’re a medium in all HJCs or a particular size in all HJCs I found this lid to be a decent, serviceable helmet that’s comfy enough and has good ventilation.

 I think it offers very good performance for the money in the time that I spent with it.

The i70 comes in sizes from double XS to double XL and runs two shell sizes. Everything up to and including medium runs the smaller shell, and then large and above runs the bigger shell.

Helmet SizeSize In CM

Safety Ratings

Regarding approvals, the i70 is ECE 2205 certified for the road and ACU gold-approved. It is also DOT-approved for the American market.

You can take on track days, or you can enter races though I’d say this helmet is best suited to road riding.

The i70 has also been tested by the UK government’s Sharp scheme, which gave it 4 out of 5 stars for its performance in a series of impact tests.

So that shows that it reaches a pretty high standard within the Sharp scheme.

In Conclusion

The HJC i70 is one of the most advanced motorcycle helmets available. It’s constructed with advanced polycarbonate composite shells and lightweight construction using advanced CAD technology. 

This helmet is designed with a one-touch open/close face shield locking system that allows you to open or close your face shield quickly and easily. 

It has a powerful air-flow ventilation system with seven intake vents and two exhaust vents at the spoiler. It has a cool, moisture-wicking interior, a removable, washable cheek pad, and a liner. 

This helmet also has a built-in, easy-to-use pinlock-prepared face shield with a vision plus (+10mm) wide face shield providing great visibility. 

In addition, it has a rapid-fire II face shield replacement system that is ultra-quick, simple, and secure. This is the best helmet you can buy!

Where To Buy

ModelRevzillaSports Bike Shop
HJC i70From $199Opens in a new tab.From £108Opens in a new tab.


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