Men’s Motorcycle Boots: The Who, What & Why

Apart from a good motorcycle helmet, a good pair of motorcycle boots can protect a biker from potential catastrophic injuries. There are lots of motorcycle boots you can buy from as little as $200 so there is no excuse not to protect yourself if, god forbid, you were in an accident.

I have listed below a few helpful tips to guide you through the maze of brands, styles, and colors available to buy online today.

Features VS Looks

A lot of people buy motorcycle boots for protection over style but these days you don’t need to worry as now motorcycle boots come in all shapes and sizes and some with quality Italian design.

Bikers want more than just a good quality safety boot or shoe they can wear on or off the bike. You can now ride your bike and go into a top-quality restaurant without looking out of place, and these are now available for both men and women.

Ankle Support

There are now lots of different brands that provide a comfy snug fit motorcycle boot with either a lace or buckle design. Having a good fitting boot is a must to prevent any injury to your ankle while riding your bike.

Boot Soles

Whether you’re braking or changing gear your boot must grip the pedals, especially when the pedals are slippery. For example when it is raining or you have stepped into some oil.

It is also important you buy a good quality boot that resists heat as your boot may touch a part of your bike that can get very hot, especially the exhaust.


The manufacturers know that bikers of today demand quality as well as style, you don’t just want a boot to protect you’re ankle and feet, you also want to look good.

This is why you can now get boots made in Italy made with the finest quality leather and the protection you need for your feet.

Water Resistance

For the serious bikers who use their motorcycle all year round you need a boot that will not only protect your feet but also keep them dry.

There is nothing worse than getting to your destination to find you need to change because your feet are wet and cold. Make sure that any motorcycle boot you purchase is not just safe but also waterproof.

Types of Motorcycle Boots

Tall Knee-length boots may not look fashionable but they can protect you from excessive heat from the bike engine as well as debris from the road.

There are many brands and prices to choose from so before purchasing check out some reviews online.

Wide Motorcycle Boots

If you are one of those people who have wide feet and find it difficult to find good quality fashionable boots then don’t worry as you can stretch boots to fit.

Boot Size

The easiest way to get the right men’s motorcycle boot size is to go to a store but as the best prices for motorcycle boots are online that might not be the best way.

Some online retailers offer a printable template you can download which helps but with any online purchase will make sure the retailer offers a free return so you change them.

This is especially important if you purchase a boot like the Stylmartin men’s Motorcycle Boot which is made in Europe with European sizes which are different to the US so before purchasing check the size conversion.


You can purchase good quality men’s motorcycle from $200 to $500 a pair and more but not something you want to skimp on.

I see so many bikers these days, especially in the summer in a tee shirt and trainers, I don’t think some people realize how dangerous it is.

It might look cool but when you are skating down the road with the tarmac stripping the skin from your back that is when you wished you had purchased good quality bikers boots.

With the vast amount of motorcycle boots available on the internet, there is no shortage as far as choice buts let’s face it; you can spend a small fortune on not just motorcycle boots but on everything that goes with it.

We know that motorcycle boots are nothing like regular boots, they need to protect you in case you have a crash, and they need to be weatherproof to protect you in all sort of weather conditions.

So when deciding on the brand don’t just purchase your men’s motorcycle boots on the prise alone, make sure you have taken in all the suggestions we have made here for a safe more comfortable ride.


Keith Mallinson has been a motorcycle enthusiast for the past 20 years. He has owned a variety of bikes during this time, ranging from sport bikes to cruisers. Keith has a passion for all things motorcycle related, including riding, maintaining, and customizing his bikes.In addition to his personal experience with motorcycles, Keith has also kept up to date with industry news and trends. He enjoys sharing his knowledge and insights with others through his motorcycle blog.When he's not out on the open road, Keith can be found tinkering in his garage, planning his next road trip, or spending time with his family.