Stop Motorcycle Boots Squeaking With This Simple $15 Trick

Don’t you just hate it when your motorcycle boots squeak? I do and the fact is you can fix it for under $15

Have you ever purchased a new pair of motorcycle boots only to have them squeak? I have and it gets on your nerves but I found a really simple trick to fix it using a Teflon based chain lubricant. It takes just five minutes and to make it simple there is a video that shows you exactly how to use it here.

When you get a movement you’re going to get some squeaking, even the best boots do this. So I looked online and I’ve seen everything from using silicone spray to mink oil to stop the squeak.

The Problem With Technical Boots

The problem with a technical boot like this you’ve got all these various layers of different materials.

I decided to try a little bit of my chain lube, you probably have chain lube in your garage but don’t use just any chain lube. If you have an oily petroleum-based chain lube you’re going to get your boots all oily, they’re going to get dust and dirt sticking to them.

What I’m using is DuPont chain saver available from Amazon. It’s a wax-based chain lube with Teflon.

This stuff is pretty good you just need to shake the can well before you use it to make sure you get all the Teflon mixed up. The best thing about this chain lubricant is it doesn’t leave an oily residue behind, you can spray it right on your hand and it’ll evaporate.

Let It Dry For 30 Minutes

When you spray it on your chain you have to let it dry for about 30 minutes before your ride so it doesn’t sling it all off, it actually dries on the chain and then leaves a dry coating a wax-based Teflon coating.

So I thought well, what the heck I’m going to try this on my boots. So I tried on just a small spot on the TPU, I put just a little bit at first to see if it was going to leave any oily residue behind and it didn’t.

It takes a little bit of doing, you have to make sure you get into all of the layers in the areas where everything overlaps on the TPU panels and the leather, basically anywhere that layers touch and could rub together.

Don’t Use Too Much

If you put too much on just wipe it up and it evaporates right off the surface. If you want to leave a bit of a Teflon layer let it set, and let it dry on its own.

On the Alpinestars gore-tex toucans boot there’s an ankle hinge on the boot that flexes. I sprayed it under the hinge but I found that I needed to go back a few times and touching up areas that were still squeaking.

Once it had dried there was a huge difference between the old and the new or the treated and untreated.

All I needed to start was my boots, an old clean rag or an old t-shirt. I took my chain saver Teflon lube with the straw attachment fixed in place and sprayed every area I could see where two panels might touch and cause a squeak.

I always used the straw attachment as I found it helped to get into tight spaces where just spraying right out of the can might not have gotten into correctly.

Once you have sprayed all the areas wipe off any excess spray and tighten up all the buckles. Put the boot on and flex it in different directions to see if when the boot is flexed to get any more squeaking. If you do reapply and try again.

I started out being very sparse with the application because I wasn’t sure how it was going to work or if it was going to stain or mark the boots but I figured hey, these boots are going to be through the muck and the mud and dirt and grime anyway so it’s not going to hurt.

Use Your Fingers To Spread It Around

I found that I got better results by spraying it on and spreading it around with my finger. I rubbed it in, especially on the raised areas of the boot to make sure I got it right in there. I rubbed in with my finger because when I sprayed it and then used the towel to wipe the excess of it seemed to wipe it all off the surface.

Boots are going to vary, your squeaks are maybe different than where my squeaks were on my boots but if you have a pair of Toucan from Alpinestars then chances are you’re going to squeak the same place.

Again I can’t tell you how much I love these boots, they fit great and they’re so comfortable. I compared them to the city adventurer rains and several others, I am just very happy overall with the fit and the comfort.

Apply Periodically

After a few months if this stuff wears off and needs another dose you can just apply another couple of shots and be good to go.

I hope this quick tip has helped you if you have a pair of squeaky boots, maybe this can solve your problem like it did mine. As always thanks for reading my posts.


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