How To Clean Your Motorcycle Boots in Five Minutes Flat

Cleaning your motorcycle boots is quite easy with just a few tools.

How to clean motorcycle boots? In terms of cleaning the boot, warm water and cloth are really all you’re going to need. You’re should stay away from using soap, it’s quite bad and can ruin the oil resistance of the soles. It can also degrade some of the glues in the boot as well so stay away from using soap.

How To Dry Motorcycle Boots

Scrub with some warm water and a cloth, once it’s done you’re should let your boots air dry. Remember leather boots don’t like heat sources so stay away from using something like a hairdryer to dry your boots. If you use a hairdryer it will cause the leather to harden and shrink.

How to Clean Leather Motorcycle Boots

If you have leather motorcycle boots then you should first use a brush to clean off any dirt or salt. Next wipe down the boot with a good quality gentle leather cleaner, using a new clean cloth and wipe again.

Brush once more to remove any remaining dirt, once that’s done apply a good wax. Use leather protector and rub it all over the boot, this will restore and soften the leather while also adding a water-resistant layer.

How Often Should You Replace Your Motorcycle Boots?

When a boot is nearing the end of its life there are a couple of telltale signs. Your boots could get saggy, so the fit could become really loose.

A loose boot will feel comfortable but it’s also quite dangerous because impact absorption and heat dissipation are all going to be compromised. So if your boot starts to get saggy it’s probably time to replace it.

The other indicator is if you had to waterproof the boot, to begin with, and it starts leaking badly that’s an indicator. Not only is the waterproofing gone but the structural integrity of the boot as a whole is probably compromised so that would be a good time to replace it.


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