HJC Helmets: Are They The Safest on The Market?

The company that makes HJC helmets is one of the few that makes both snowboarding and motorcycle helmets. Their helmets are designed to meet the needs of all customers, whether they are professional sports athletes or people who are looking for protection against accidents. Their lineup consists of helmets for any sport or type of outdoor activity.

HJC helmets are safe and durable because they are made with a lightweight composite shell that is both rigid and tough. The HJC RPHA-10 helmet also has an optically correct and distortion-free visor. It also features a removable, washable liner and cheek pads for comfort and convenience.

HJC is a leading manufacturer of helmets for motorcycle riders. They have specialized in manufacturing helmets for over 30 years, designing safe, stylish, and comfortable to wear. HJC focuses on creating protective gear that’s stylish enough to wear every day.

What Are The Different Safety Features of HJC Helmets?

HJC helmets safety features include:

  • D-rings for easy strap adjustability
  • HJCs Airflow (which provides clean air circulation inside the helmet)
  • HJC’s patented Emergency Release System (which allows for quick removal of the cheek pads)
  • HJCs have been built to be able to withstand severe impacts

Are HJC Helmets DOT Approved?

HJC helmets were not originally DOT approved, but they have been granted limited approval. Although HJC helmets are limited to the extent of their approval, HJC has still been able to provide an extensive line of protective gear for riders.

Riders can choose from multiple models of modular and full-faced helmets to find the perfect helmet for their needs. These helmets range from small to XXL, allowing riders to find the perfect helmet regardless of head circumference.

Are HJC Helmets Snell Certified?

HJC helmets are a popular choice for motorcycle helmets. They have a Snell certification and are one of the more affordable options for those who plan on wearing their helmet often. 

Helmets are often the most important piece of gear for motorcycle riders. Whether they are dirt bike riders, bikers, or street bike riders, protection is necessary. Snell certification is a popular way to ensure that you get exactly what you need to ensure safety while riding.

What Is The Difference Between DOT and Snell-approved Helmets?

In terms of protection, there are a few differences between DOT and Snell motorcycle helmets. While both use a well-designed plastic construction, the metal in DOT helmets helps them absorb more impact from an accident.

DOT helmets also tend to be less expensive than Snell. However, HJC helmets are often criticized for their thin plastics and lack of vents.

What You Need To Know About HJC Helmets

Are HJC C91 Modular Motorcycle Helmets Any Good

The HJC C91 modular motorcycle helmet is often touted as one of the “best of both worlds.” This helmet can be used in two different ways depending on the situation.

The rider can wear the helmet with the chin bar attached or flip up the chin bar and wear it like a half-helmet. No matter which style is your preference, this helmet provides the best safety features on the market.

Modern looking and giving a good level of visibility, the HJC C91 is among one modulars with moderate prices.

Following on from their old C90, which was also similarly priced and provided solid all-rounder performance, the C91 now comes with some small improvements over its predecessor.

A multi-directional flipper visor and a wider venting range have added up to a rather pleasant ride. For all your offroading needs, this new model is worth considering.

The HJC C91 Motorcycle Helmet is a well-designed, DOT-certified helmet that provides clear visibility in all directions. It has a one-hand quick release buckle system that allows riders to easily remove their helmet when they are not riding, making it much easier to wear when riding. The HJC C91 also has air-flow ventilation, making it more comfortable in hot weather.

  • Made for touring
  • Removable chin guard
  • Detachable, washable liner
  • Removable cheek pads for a better fit
  • Includes a smoke shield
  • Has an adjustable wind flap

What About The HJC RPHA 90

The HJC RPHA 90 motorcycle helmet is one of the best new designs yet lightweight. Some riders are concerned about safety, but this helmet offers some of the most innovative features on the market.

They come with a built-in system to lock down your visor, as well as an air vent on the chin that helps avoid fogging up your lens. The interior lining is designed to keep you cool and comfortable too!

The HJC RPHA 90 has an integrated drop-down sun visor, removable cheek pads, and a built-in speaker. There are so many different types out there to choose from.

The HJC RPHA 70 A Good Value all-rounder Full-face Helmet

The HJC F70 is water-resistant, has a fiberglass shell designed for safety in any condition. Quality materials are essential for safety – it’s often forgotten when looking at design features only!

HJC has been around for over 35 years and has produced high-quality helmets. Their junior helmet, HJC C70, is not an exception. The HJC C70 is a well-designed helmet that is perfect for motorcycle riders.

The helmet features vents that offer optimal airflow, a chin curtain to keep the bugs out, and a quick-release visor that is perfect if caught on something. The premium look of the HJC C70 will appeal to any rider!

The HJC RPHA 70 helmet is a high-end helmet, which can be purchased for around $500. The helmet comes with many features, including an aerodynamic design, wind tunnel testing, and a five-year warranty.

It also comes with a removable visor for extra protection from the sun or rain. The HJC RPHA 70 is designed for safety and comfort, which are important factors to consider when purchasing a helmet.

HJC i70: An All-rounder Full-face Helmet

The HJC I70 has replaced the IS-17. Meaning the new helmet is a polycarbonate all-around full face, with venting arrangements derived from their previous design and upgraded with their latest technology.

Lowered visor height makes for less wind resistance; ergonomic shape improves comfort while riding without compromising protection. And the improved ventilation controls now allow better adjustment than ever before.

The HJC i70 helmet is designed to protect riders from impact resulting from crashes, falls, and other incidents. HJC is one of the leading helmet manufacturers for off-road motorcycle racing.

They also produce helmets for street riding. HJC helmets come with a clear shield on the visor that prevents debris and bugs from getting into your eyes. In addition, there is an air vent on the top of the helmet to keep you cool while riding.

Is the HJC i70 Snell approved?

The HJC i70 is a helmet that has been approved by the Snel rating system and has an energy management rating of 5 stars.

The HJC i70 is made with quality materials, such as advanced multilayer construction, to withstand even the most severe crash scenarios.

The protection provided by the HJC i70 is unparalleled, and its innovative engineering makes for a comfortable and safe experience.

HJC i90: A good Value Modular With Plenty of Features

The HJC i90 is a high-quality, high-value modular helmet. Its big selling point is its abundance of features, including an anti-fog visor, a Quick Release self-adjusting fit system, and the ability to customize the outer shell.

The design also offers a wide range of sizes for a perfect fit. The HJC i90 meets or exceeds DOT and ECE 22. 05 regulations. It is comfortable, durable, versatile, and stylish enough to be worn as part of your daily attire.

The HJC i90 comes with everything you need in a helmet, including a wind skirt to protect your face from frostbite. It is constructed of lightweight carbon fiber which allows for extra protection while keeping the weight down to an average level of 3 pounds.

There are two visor options available that can be easily adjusted and tailored to fit any situation. Included is also a dual-density liner that helps wick moisture away from your skin when riding through rain or snow.

The HJC CS-MX II: An Amazing Value Dirt Bike Helmet

The HJC CS-MX II is a great value dirt bike helmet. This helmet is lightweight, has a large field of view, and has two vents you can open to cool off.

The HJC CS-MX II also has a dual-density EPS that protects better than any other EPS foam on the market. These features make this helmet great for people who want to enjoy their time with their dirt bike so much they want it to last.

You will not regret getting this helmet because you can buy one in any size from Small to XXL. If you are looking for a low-priced full-face helmet, look no further than the HJC CS-MX II.

The CS-MX II comes with a visor, removable shield, and vents to keep the rider cool even in the hottest of days. All their models come in different sizes to ensure a perfect fit.

HJC CL-Max III flip-up: A Great All-rounder Modular Helmet

The HJC CL-Max III flip-up helmet is one of the safest helmets available for purchase today. Their patented features, such as the Advanced Channeling Ventilation System and MaxFit™ comfort liner, are just two of the many things that make this helmet so safe.

In addition, the HJC CL-Max III also meets or exceeds all DOT certifications and specifications, which allows any rider to rest assured knowing their head is completely protected.

The HJC CL-Max III is a high-performance helmet that provides an affordable alternative to expensive helmets and is designed for comfort on all types of motorcycles.

Some featuring include the ability to fit any wearer, no matter their head size, perfectly. In addition, the helmet features a durable inner liner, protecting against viruses and bacteria penetration.

Where To Buy HJC Helmets

There are lots of places to purchase HJC helmets but if you are looking online one of the largest online retailers is Revzilla.comOpens in a new tab.. Their customer service is second to non and they offer a match any price policy plus a 90-day return policy.

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In Conclusion

HJC helmets are the most popular high-performance and high-end helmets in the motorcycle world. Plenty of motorcyclists use them, and they’re also known as one of the safest helmet brands out there.

HJC’s are available for every budget and feature the latest technology in motorcycle safety. All HJC helmets are built with quality materials to protect the head from impact injuries.

The only difference in their construction is the helmet’s weight, determined by how much they weigh on your head. If you want a lighter helmet, you will have to sacrifice protection.


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