AGV AX9 Review: Is It The Best Adventure Motorcycle Helmet?

AGV have had a helmet with a peak and a visor in their range for quite a few years now, and the AX-9 is the latest in that run of lids. 

Some of the earlier ones felt like motocross helmets with a visor added fairly rudimentary, but the AX9 is much more polished in its design.

AGV AX9 Review


It runs a composite fiber shell, and this size medium helmet weighs in on our scales at 1519 grams. That’s not as light as the lightest adventure helmets, but that’s a good weight for a helmet, especially considering it’s got a peak that will always add a little bit of extra to the weight.


Ventilation on the AX-9 comes through two vents beneath the peak, with sliding shutters.

They allow air to flow inside and go through channels in the impact liner, and then they can escape through the exhaust vents at the back, which are permanently open.

The dual-purpose nature of the AX-9 shows through most with the chin vent. There are switches for this vent on the outside and inside the chin bar.

If you open the outer cover and leave the inner one closed, it forces air up through the chin bar and out through holes in the top so it can reach the inside surface of the visor.

If you open both the outside shutter and inside shutter, it allows some air to flow directly through to the inside.

In standard trim, they don’t exactly flow a load of air because there’s a wedge of foam sandwiched between the two vents, which stops dust from getting through but inevitably blocks out a certain amount of air.

If you want more air to come through, both vents are removable. They unclip and pop out. Taking the front cover off means, you can get in there and take out the piece of foam.

Putting the covers back on gives you control over whether the air goes up to the visor through to your mouth or whether it’s blocked off completely by having both of those closed.

If you’re off-roading, you could take both vent covers off the outside and the inside, and then there’s only an open metal grill to stop air flowing through to the inside.


The peak mounts with four screws. There are two screws on each side just behind the pull-out plastic cover.

The peak is adjustable, so you can lower it or raise it to suit the conditions, and it ends up being about three centimeters of difference in the level of the peak at the tip.

The AGV’s owner’s manual says you must have this peak in its highest position when the visor is fitted.

It doesn’t exactly specify why but I’ve noticed that the visor won’t lift to its highest point if the peak isn’t also at its own highest point; that probably explains why.

The owner’s manual also says there’s a limit of 100 kilometers an hour when riding in this helmet with the peak fitted, equivalent to about 62 miles an hour. It suggests agv know that having this peak fitted to the helmet creates some speed drag.


I’ve reviewed a few adventure helmets, but this one is not the best for aerodynamics. I’m sure it’s fine when riding behind a tall screen, but I wore this on a Yamaha 10RA 700, and the screen on that bike doesn’t give many shelters.

It felt like the air was catching the peak and pushing my head down, meaning I got neck ache from lifting my head back up to see where I was going.

I would run this helmet without the peak if I had to go any distance in one, and thankfully that’s pretty easy to set up.

Just remove those four screws behind the plastic covers I previously mentioned, whip off the peak, and then fit some rubber grommets in the accessories bag that push into the screw mountings.

As well as being able to ride without the peak, the AX9 suits use without the visor. Taking it off is easy.

First, remove the screws on either side; this can be done without removing the peak, which isn’t always the case with adventure helmets. Often you have to take the peak off to get the visor off.

Goggles fit into the aperture neatly, and the strap sits tidally along the side of the shell.

Pin Lock Protection

If running the visor, it’s pin lock protected with a pinlock 70-grade insert. It is basic, but it does cover the vast majority of the visor, so it shouldn’t ever get in the way and give you good clear anti-fog properties.

Sun Visor

There’s no internal sun visor with this helmet, so you’ll need to rely on the peak to keep out glare from the sun, or you’ll need to go for a tinted visor and be prepared to change between the two.


For this helmet, the lining is both plush, and it’s removable. As a result, an agv arc Bluetooth intercom is available that incorporates easily without adding too much extra bulk. 

In addition, there are recesses in the EPS behind the foam liner to accommodate speakers. The strap fastener is a D-ring configuration that suits the sporty outlook of the AX-9.


BrandRevzillaSports Bike Shop
AGV AX9$629 to $649Opens in a new tab.£258 to £449Opens in a new tab.

In terms of approvals, the lid meets ECU 2205 for the road as a full-face helmet, and it’s also ACU gold approved for competition and track use.

It’s not been tested under the UK government’s sharp program yet, but that’s not a big surprise that sharp’s been running for 13 years now and doesn’t appear to have given a rating to a single helmet that comes with a peak.

Customer reviewers of this lid praise the comfort of the lining, the overall lightness, and the amount of peripheral vision it offers.

Turbulence can be an issue at higher speeds, but most of those reviewers seem content that this lid isn’t designed to be used at that kind of speed anyway.

In Conclusion

The AGV AX-9 Carbon Helmet is an all-new design over the popular AX-8 DS EVO Helmet.

The key is the lightweight 100% carbon fiber shell with an improved aerodynamic profile for optimal performance.

The peak is adjustable to reduce the sail effect at high speeds.

In addition, the Ventmaster R3 has five total vents and an adjustable chinstrap to allow different riding situations, including with or without goggles.

It can handle any riding scenario, from casual to fast road riding.

The inside of the helmet has a fit to allow for comfort while wearing glasses, and it has padding to make it more comfortable.

The cheek pads keep your face comfortable, the top liner is moisture-wicking, and the neck roll is water-resistant to keep the helmet watertight.

The AGV AX9 is a lightweight, comfortable, and stylish helmet for adventure riding. 

The AX9 is crafted from 100% carbon fiber and is available in three shell sizes: Small (XS), Medium (ML), and Large (2XL).

The AX9 also features five vents, two brow inlets, two extractors, a Pinlock-ready visor, and a max vision lens. 

The AX9 is also equipped with a double-D strap, which provides greater support and stability during aggressive riding maneuvers.

Where To Buy

BrandRevzillaSports Bike Shop
AGV AX9$629 to $649Opens in a new tab.£258 to £449Opens in a new tab.


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