Stylmartin Motorcycle Indian Boots Review

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Welcome to our detailed review of the new Stylmartin Indian Motorcycle Boots. This is a beautiful boot prised around the $300 dollar mark from a classic Italian manufacturer. It has stormed the market in the last few years and it’s a perfectly timed retro vintage style motorcycle boot.

This is a beautiful classically styled work style boot option that sacrifices nothing by way of protection and waterproof breathability. There are two different colors available, there is a brown version and the greased black version and they’re two very distinct styles.

I’m going to walk through a lot of the nuances here but if we look at them, the black version has some unique characteristics but the brown version has a unique style. This motorcycle boot is waterproof and breathable and good for all seasons.

If you look at how it’s positioned, whether you’re wearing skinny jeans tucked in, or you’re wearing them underneath a pair of jeans, on or off the bike, it’s a comfortable stylish boot that really serves a purpose.

It feels like that classic Red Wing Doc Martens style boot but again doesn’t sacrifice in the mode of protection.

Let’s talk briefly about it before I get into some of the more nuanced features here.

When it comes to fitting I’m going to stop you right here, these all fit one size larger. I’m going to say it again; they fit one size larger.

When you’re looking at the size chart and I’ll give you my frame of reference. I wear a nine and a half to a 10 in motorcycle boots, I’m a size forty-three in Euro boots but I’m wearing a 42 in these. 42 equates to a size eight American.

It’s a full size down if you buy anything close to what you would expect to be your size based on the size chart; you’ll be sending it back so keep that in mind.

I’m not lying; it goes for the entire size range. Now that being said, it is a comfortable American fit. They are comfortable and shock absorbing in the sole and these boots actually have a Vibram sole from Italy, they are used a lot for athletic or activity type of boots not just for motorcycle.

They’re a high grip non-slip sole but again great off the bike, you can wear them all day. There is a lot of padding on the inside and they are very, very comfortable. Remember though, they do fit one size larger.

Buying motorcycle boots is a lot like buying a helmet–you can either buy good ones the first time, or you can waste your money until you finally get something of quality that will last you for years.

This post is pretty thorough with lots of information, but here’s the short version of my recommendation on any Motorcycle Boot: It’s worth spending a little more on boots to get the quality you need, not just to be safe but also to get good value from them.

I’m not trying to convince you to spend more money, I’m trying to SAVE you money. If you get a good quality pair of motorcycle boots you’ll be happy with them and they’ll last for years–no need to buy another pair in 6 months. 

Also, no pair of cheap boots I’ve ever tested has had anywhere near the amount of protection that I see standard in boots like the Stylmartin Indian Motorcycle Boots. They are slightly more expensive but well worth paying that extra few dollars more.

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