Best Motorcycle Touring Boots 2 To Avoid

There are lots of different motorcycle touring boots, but which one is best for you?

Listed below are our top five picks for the best motorcycle touring boots available today. This is me based on our riding, our research, and our expert opinion to address the specific needs that a touring and commuting rider has.

BrandCategory Price
Tour Master SolutionTouring BootsUnder $150
Alpinestars Roam 2 WPTouring BootsUnder $150
Alpinestars Web GTXTouring BootsUnder $300
Dainese TRQ Tour Gore-tex BootsTouring BootsUnder $350
Daytona Road Star GTXTouring BootsUnder $400

We know that you need a boot that’s going to protect you in the event of a crash, but you also need to be protected from the elements, and you need all the comfort for an all-day ride.

Whether you’re tackling long distances over a short amount of time, or you’re merely riding back and forth to the office and you’re going to be wearing these boots all day long, it’s got to work for your style of riding.

What we have on the table in a variety of different boots for you to choose from. Whether you’re just starting into your adventure as a motorcyclist, or you’re a returning rider that’s looking to replace that old pair of your favorites in your closet. We’ve got offerings to discuss for both of you.

Remember this any part of a more extensive guide series at Motorcycle Gear 101 from boots, jackets, helmets, gloves. We’ve got 17 different gear guides to help you navigate your journey through all the new apparel, as well as the returning favorites from previous years at Motorcycle Gear 101.

Tour Master Solution Motorcycle Touring Boots

The Tour Master Solution motorcycle touring boots available from revzilla.comOpens in a new tab. are coming in around the $130 price point, and these are your classic American touring boots from Tour Master. What you have is a full hypora waterproof liner with leather construction, and t is an air version available.


  • Water-repellent leather and PU upper
  • VR single density compound sole for reliable grip
  • Reflective panel on rear area for night time safety
  • Auto-lock zipper covered with adjustable Velcro® flap

The air version will give you increased mesh, but you’re still getting the waterproof liner in both versions of this.

The real story with the Tour Master boot is that it’s available in a wide option, so if you’re looking at all the European boots and you think those are just too narrow for my wider foot, you can go with the wider option from Tour Master which bumps you up to a double E width.

If you want to take a look at something else in Tour Master or take a step up in Tour Master, consider the Epic Out dry.

The Epic out dry will give you the out dry laminated waterproof protection, as well as it will get you up into a CE rated boot.

You’re getting increases in both protection from an impact standpoint, as well as from the elements.


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The solution 2.0 and the original tourmaster solution boots have been some of the most popular waterproof boot styles that we’ve sold at Motorcycle Gear 101.

The Tour Master solution 2.0 has been out for a little while now we’ve had a chance to really put it through its paces. Try it on, see how it fits, how it feels, how long it lasts and we’ve been really impressed.

The best thing about them is the price. These boots are not going to break the bank, they retail for a hundred and nineteen bucks. They’re a really really valuable boot for the money, definitely very impressed.

The other thing that’s really attractive about solution 2.0 is it will work for such a huge variety of riders. Whether you’re a commuter that’s on the bike every day, or if you’re planning a longer trip w you don’t know what kind of weather you’re going to encounter the Tour Master Solution 2.0 is going to work just great.

Even this style of boot can work well for a sportbike guy if you’re not looking for the ultimate protection and not going to the track all the time the solution 2.0 is a great option for you.

One thing that I really like about it, obviously it has a built-in high-pora membrane that is waterproof, that’s the key feature for it. If you open the boot up you’ll see t’s a velcro flap that covers the main zipper.

Ther’s a Velcro on the end of the zipper as well, just kind of holds the zipper pull up in place. Then you will see the internal waterproof membrane, the gusset underneath the zipper extends pretty much all the way to the top of the boot.

What that does for you is it prevents water from coming in behind the zipper and even if you were to ride through some big puddles w water is washing up over your feet as long as that water doesn’t get over the top of the boot and run down inside these are going to do a great job keeping your feet dry.

High pora has some really neat properties, it not only keeps water out it’s also a fairly breathable material. So for those warmer days when your feet might be getting a little hotter it does a fairly good job breathing and allowing your foot to breathe so it’s not super hot.

I will say with any waterproof boot if it’s 90 degrees out in the middle of summer your feet are probably going to get a little toasty. But you know, the flip side of that is if you do get caught in the rain they’re going to keep your feet nice and dry. In cold weather obviously it helps block a bit more wind and keep your feet nice and warm inside the boot.

The inside is lined with a nice soft material, they do have what they call their techno DI thermoplastic heel cup and toe counter. You’ve got a heel cup around the back that is inside the boot for some protection.

The toe box is reinforced as well, it’s going to keep it nice and comfortable when you’re shifting but also add some protection if you were to go down and tumble and hit the front of your foot on something, that’s going to help reinforce that area.

It has some built-in armor on over the ankle bones, that’s important for not only impact protection but for abrasion resistance. Obviously the leather does a good job but if you were to go down it’s going to help prevent any wear or damage to your ankle and your foot.

The sole of the boot you have some nice tread design. I really like the sole of the solution tubes because they’re really comfortable off the bike. If you’re like me and you ride some events, or whether it’s a bike night or some kind of open house or a charity fundraiser type of event when you’re riding and then you’re off the bike and you’re walking around for hours, the last thing you need is a really stiff uncomfortable boot that’s really hurting your feet all day long.

These boots are going to give you really sure footing but they’re also fairly flexible so you can walk around in comfort. The footbed that that use inside these is orthopedic, has some arch support in it and also absorbs the vibration. So if your bike has a little bit of buzz and the foot pecks or anything these are going to help absorb that.

It’s a very comfortable boot, as far as sizing goes I pretty much always wear a size 10 or a 44, no different with the solution 2. They are just right I would say if you’re kind of in-between sizes, especially if you have a slightly wide foot you probably want to go up a size.

I typically take a size 10 sometimes I have to go up to a 10 and a half in tennis shoes depending on the width but on these particular ones I find that I can wear the size 10 and they fit just right.

They are very comfortable as far as flexibility goes, you can walk around as all day long in comfort in the solution 2.0, and again you can’t beat that price for under $120 bucks you’re getting a fully-featured waterproof motorcycle boot.

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Alpinestars Roam 2 WP Motorcycle Touring Boots

You have two different offerings for the Alpinestars Roam 2 WP Motorcycle touring boots available from revzilla.comOpens in a new tab.. You’ve got the air version or the WP version at around the $170 to $180 price point.

The real story is for you touring riders that don’t want a waterproof boot, and this is the only available boot on the table for a nonwaterproof version.


  • CE Certified Boot
  • Ankle & Shin Protection
  • Waterproof & Breathable
  • TPU Shift Pad & Toe Slider
  • Synthetic & Microfiber Upper

Getting up into our first CE rated boot is the Alpinestars Rome 2 Air and WP

If you go with the air version, the Rome two’s completely open, you get masses amounts of air pushing through, or you can go with the waterproof version.

At around the hundred and seven eighty dollar price point, this is your three-quarter touring commuter boot from Alpinestars, and it’s getting you up into that world of CE rated protection.


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Classic Italian style with touring and waterproof functionality, this is the Alpinestars Roam 2. Since the previous update to the Alpinestars Roam 2, you’re going to clearly notice the style has become a bit more contemporary.

Still classic, still three to four seasons, still waterproof again you have some accent stitching, the elastication and the bellows have changed. They are a little bit higher in the back, it might be a little bit more comfortable but again big TPR up top adding to a more contemporary style.

I like the fact that they have not changed the price, I like the fact it’s still CE rated from Alpinestars, real meat and potatoes within their touring boot line. Again the fact it’s a little sporty means it maybe expands the range to an American audience that rides a multitude of different bikes.

It still has microfiber in it’s upper it’s going to do a lot of things really well and again get a quick peek at it this is the original Rome only some minor style changes since 2014.

If we look at it and you bring it back in what I’m going to show you is the profile of the foot and the profile of the foot is really going to be more of an American footbed. Again staying in line with what Alpine stars typically do.

Size-wise you don’t have to worry about it they’re going to fit an American last again they’ve been doing it for a long time.

Remember we talked about the elasticated bellows for comfort, notice dual recess shift panel on the inside to interface on both sides with the controls On your bike. We already talked about some of the accent stitching they add it to the boot.

Two buckles design up on the left or velcro and now you have a big TPR pull and notice when I open this up you’re going to see ‘s my gator that’s w my waterproofing stops so the waterproofing is going to come up about two-thirds of the way again step in those puddles ride all day you should be pretty good to go as long as you have a good interface with your pants.

Again you rotate to the back you can see more accent stitching a nice big heel counter and again those elasticated bellows that go all the way up. They also redesigned the reflectivity a little bit giving you the Alpinestars logo, again tying everything together.

You do have ankle support, you do have a heel cockpit which is beefy. I would love to see them beefier up but again under $200 you really have to make some trade-offs at some point.

For me it’s been debated on the insert inside of the office I think the toe got a little bit more low-profile, other folks think that it’s a little bit more of the same but again it’s Alpinestars taking steps forward to try to improve their product again going from the Roam boot to the Roam 2.

It has the same soles last year, it’s the same sole we’ve seen it’s a high grip anti-slip sole. Again really no reason to change it and it’s going to have that same stiffness scale of about seven and a half to eight, really for more long-distance multi-season touring riding.

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Alpinestars Web GTX Motorcycle Touring Boots

The Alpinestars Web GTX motorcycle touring boots available from revzilla.comOpens in a new tab. are your entry-level gore-tex boot European styling. Still, really around the $250 price point, you’re now getting into gore-tex.

If you’re not familiar with gore-tex, it is guaranteed waterproof, but that’s only half the story.


  • Constructed from: Leather
  • Sex : Man
  • Waterproof : Yes
  • Aeration system : No
  • Gore-tex : Yes

The real magic with gore-tex is its breathability. So, if you’re riding this in the warmer months, your feet are sweating all that moisture on the inside is whipped out, and that is what you’re getting when you get that bump into gore-tex.

You’re still getting full European style with this, CE protection from the boot, and this boot is are available in size up to a size 50, so you have a broader range of sizes from a European-style boot.

The last two boots that we have in the table, this is getting you up in the world of premium offerings. First, we had the Dainese TRQ Tour gore-tex boots.


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This is the new web GTX CE rated touring commuting gore-tex around that $300 mark. We saw them refine the web GTX over last year’s model, the key WITH theme is protection and comfort so again you’re going to see a more refined style from the previous version.

A little bit more contemporary when you compare the old version to the new but the three big call-outs areas as such.

First, on the previous version of the Web GTX, you can see the profile the toe box is a little bit high, folks we’re having a tougher time depending on your bike getting it under your controls.

They’ve streamlined it on this Web GTX new version, what they’ve also done is they’ve given you flex now on the backside of the boot. What you’re going to see are elasticated bellows that go all the way up compared to the previous version and they even give you a wider cutaway at the top if you have a beefier calf, again all about ergonomics.

The last thing from comfort is the ease of entry and exit. If we look at the inside of the boot they’re both medial entry and exit points, remember, it’s a gore-tex booth waterproof breathable.

Guaranteed for life with full gore-tex lining which is the top of the food chain. On the new version, you’re going to see how it’s a full stretch panel that goes all the way down with this zip, so depending on the width of your foot or your soccer your ankle it is easier to get on and off.

It is still a YKK zip and they’ve also given you a three notch cutaway versus a single notch cutaway and that’s going to ease and flex when you’re walking around on the boot. The price went up a little bit but for the new version it is more functional it is easier on yet they made some changes that look a little different now.

The style factor may or may not be your cup of tea, I like they went a little bit more contemporary with it, but again, in the food chain, you’re looking at a big step up over something like the Newland but again that mono fuse is going to be that more aggressive step up.

We get back into the boot itself let’s talk about sizing. American cut from Alpinestars no surprises, it is plenty wide enough for the American footbed.

You will notice it has a little bit more of a shine to it, this year when it was matt on the previous version. Classic but contemporary, stitching on the lateral side just from a style standpoint. They changed the TPU dual recess. again the same coverage. It doesn’t have the A-star logo a little bit more muted, a little bit more mature.

Moving back on the side you’re going to see exposed angle protection. TPU in the ankle on the medial and lateral side, nice reinforcement at the toe box and then the heels is still very stiff and strong with a nice big heel counter that comes up from this vulcanized rubber sole.

The sole on the web GTX has not changed, they didn’t screw with it, it worked last time and they’re sticking to their guns. Notice if we go on the flex scale it is about a seven, seven and a half out of ten.

I look at it as a great touring and commuter boot because I think it’s beefy enough to support you on your bike but you really don’t want to walk around in it all day it’s not going to be that whole put it under jeans and wear it at work all day kind of boot.

The sole is an anti-slip sole from Alpinestars. Vulcanized rubber reinforced and again no heel count or toe counter on this boot. Maybe they beefed it up on the next version of the web.

We talked about the gore-tex side of things, gore-tex, waterproof, breathable and guaranteed for life. They invented the waterproof membrane, what that means is that mother nature can’t get any water in you’re not going to get wet and if you sweat a lot.

All that sweat evaporates out from the full-grain leather exterior out through the boot and it’s going to give you the best chance to stay comfortable versus getting clammy or getting overly sweaty.

Notice that Gator comes all the way up and it is a microfiber mesh toward the top, again to wick sweat away along your calf. They even give you a seal that comes around just kind of creating a full closure at the top of the boot.

Remember the Newland is the baby brother to this boot, the mono fuse is the more tech-inspired aggressive step up, again slight increase in price is the new web GTX gore-tex from Alpinestars. A staple of their collection just under that $300 mark.

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Dainese TRQ Tour Gore-Tex Boots Motorcycle Touring Boots

The Dainese TRQ Tour Gore-tex Motorcycle touring boots available from revzilla.comOpens in a new tab. are probably my personal favorite. This is your euro tech offering on the table.

What you have is all the DNA of a sport boot, but with the creature comforts you’d expect from a touring boot.


  • Certification EN 13634/2010 cat. 2
  • Polyurethane insert behind the tibia
  • Breathable waterproof Gore-tex membrane
  • D-Axial jointed anti-ankle twist back system in TPU

Full gore-tex lining, rear entry easy, and easy out adjustability of the calves to create a better fit better comfort, but you’re getting all the DNA of Dainese sport boot. You’re getting lateral protection down the side with a hinge system.

You’ve got full bracing, TPU reinforcements at the heel, and then a reinforced toe box. Again it’s that combination of touring as well as sport for around the $330 price point.

That’s going to set the Dainese TRQ’s apart, and this is probably my favorite personal pick on the table.


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New in the Dainese collection is the Dainese TRQ Tour Gore-tex boot. Gore-tex, what does that mean? Gore-tex is lifetime guaranteed waterproof and breathable and gore-tex is the most breathable of any of the waterproof-breathable fabrics.

Dainese has D-dry, some of the other manufacturers have their proprietary waterproof breathable material, Gore-tex invented it 50 years ago and gore-tex has perfected it. They set the standards something like nine billion pores per square inch, what does that mean?

No amount of water or precipitation or snow or rain can get in from the outside when your foot sweats in longer distance riding scenarios your foot can breathe. That perspiration will evaporate out through those tiny pores, they are one-way pores and that water vapor will escape without any water molecules being able to come in.

You’ll notice before I jump into some of the other features that the perforation schemes along the cowhide leather are not going to flow air directly to your foot It vents directly to that built-in gore-tex liner to allow for water vapor to escape. But just because they have this light perforation it’s going to lie your foot to breathe better but it’s not going to add the ability for any outside water to get.

Let’s look at the outer construction.

As I mentioned this touring boot has full-grain cowhide, you’re going to get Dainese D-stone material which is an extremely abrasion-resistant ballistic woven nylon fabric that has stretch built into it.

They make a D-stone jacket, UCD stones showing up in some of their high-end garments, gloves, boots again it’s in an area for comfort but it’s just as strong as any of the abrasion-resistant to the leather.

The other thing you’re going to notice the inside and outside of this boot have thermoplastic. This is called the D-axial system, the D-axial system is a race level feature that you see on all of the race boots.

Whether it’s an inside or outside boot it’s on the TRQ Tour and what it does is it creates this hinge, it protects your ankle they’re sliders on the outside of the boot but having this hinge that goes all the way up the shin it creates an anti-torsion zone. What that does is keeps your foot from twisting.

It’s going to keep you from having that radial or spiral break if you get into a crash situation and your ankle basically to twist without your leg twisting. It’s going to give you extra protection.

It and makes sense to talk about shin protection. You have a shin hard part that wraps all the way around. It’s thermoplastic, it is reinforced, it is soft behind it and it’s reflective. One of the most common injuries in a crash situation is your foot slipping off the footpeg and your footpeg smashing into your tibia and breaking your shin. This is going to give you that extra level protection from the high boot.

As you move down the front you have an elasticated panel for comfort we also talked about this perforation which doesn’t flow air but it allows the gore-tex membrane to breathe. The top of the shift pad is nylon and it wraps all the way around.

It’s stylized, it’s texturized, again, it just ties in really nicely with the detail level it Dainese puts and everything.

This is a lot of boot for the price tag, I would venture to say this boot is probably best suited for long-distance, multi-season touring scenarios but with the amount of external protection you could probably stretch this boot onto a track day even though it doesn’t have some of the sliders on the toe

As you move to the inside you’re going to see you know the D-axial system comes down,. you have more thermoplastic that wraps around. It creates this great ankle cup, heel cup that wraps around the back to the eventual heel counter which is in a double reinforced hard part to guard against crushing from the back.

I want to talk about this thermoplastic element that’s on the back of the boot. If you looked at it you would notice it has a different texture to it. It’s a non-scratch grip area to allow you to grip the inside of your bike, it’s really a control feature that’s built-in.

As we move to the back we talked about the Dainese logo on the heel counter. You will notice it’s the main connection zipper, it goes all the way down the back with a stretch D-stone gusset. Behind this gusset this is gore-tex as well, we all know that zippers create weak points for waterproofing. You will notice you have this big Gator behind it that lives behind the weak point zipper.

The other thing I want to talk about is the adjustability factor. A lot of guys have different size calves, I have thin calves, some guys have these huge ham hock legs that go all the way down. They’re always worried about getting into their gray suit or getting in and out of boots.

Once you set the settings on these boots the zipper allows you to get it in and out quickly, but what I want to show you is its adjustability built-in on both sides. So if you’re a guy that has really big calves you’re going to set it on both sides and give yourself that extra room.

That’s going to create a larger diameter for entry to the boot at the midpoint of your calf. To get in and out you’re still using that to make the boot loose and get right out of it but what you’re going to do is if you’re a guy like me let’s thinner cast I can come in and I can really tighten this guy up all the way around the back of my calf and shorten the diameter.

Its adjustability factor is a key factor and the whole thing you have to remember when a boot is designed for long-distance touring it really needs to be comfortable.

The inside of this boot is a mixture of a fleece lining as well as the jersey lining which creates air pockets, it keeps you cool, it wicks moisture away, it traps a barrier of air to keep you cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. This truly is a four-season boot.

At the bottom, you’re going to notice a skywalk sole. It’s a non-slip anti-oil sole that has a high degree of grip, it’s very security it’s also very comfortable and it does a great deal of shock absorption.

The skywalk is a third party sole manufacturer that’s all they do, it’s the Rolls-Royce of souls within the motorcycle or boot world and Dainese has partnered with them for some of their boots. The skywalk is the best option for comfort and durability in the longer term.

As we look at the outside boot again the D-axial system comes down with the slider with another hard part slider on the outside of the ankle.

So all in for around the $299 priced point, you have a gore-tex touring boot with a lot of extra functionality and a lot of protection, it has the beauty and the style and the RNDthat goes into all Dainese products.

I’m a fan of this guy and I think it’s going to stay on toe-to-toe with a lot of things that we recommend at Motorcycle Gear 101 that are going to be geared towards your high-end sport or sport touring crowd.

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Daytona Road Star GTX Motorcycle Touring Boots

Last but not least we have the Daytona Road star GTX Motorcycle touring boots available from revzilla.comOpens in a new tab.. This is your super euro premium offering around the $450 price point.

This gives you maximum comfort with maximum protection. Dual entry along the dual side cuff for extra comfort, you’ve got adjust-ability at the back of the calf, full leather construction with full gore-tex.


  • Available also as a standard fit
  • PU foam sole
  • Anatomically formed climatic insole
  • Full hydrophobic cowhide
  • 3M-Scotchlite heel reflectors
  • Non-slip rubber sport sole
  • Waterproof and breathable with Gore-Tex climatic membrane
  • Velcro fastener for different calf sizes
  • Two zip fasteners for in quick and easy use
  • Reinforced gear pad made from abrasion-resistant PU foam
  • Non-slip rubber sport sole
  • Wide shin protection, padded with latex foam inside

You’ve got a lug sole with this, it is very comfortable to walk around in all day, but it’s still going to be rigid enough to give you maximum feedback when you’re on the bike.

The final note with these is they are available on the broader width, much like the Tour Masters.

If you have a wider footbed, you can consider the broader options from Daytona in the premium world if the rest of the offerings are just too narrow for you.

If you’re looking at the Daytona and you think I like this, I don’t want the full height option. They have introduced the Aero sports GTX, which is all the same DNA just in a shorter boot.


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You’ve waited for it and we have it these are the Daytona Road star GTX. Top of the food chain apex predator from a gore-tex multi-season touring boot fashion. Handmade in Bavaria, family-owned company and all they do is make boots.

This is a multi-season boot that’s a four-season boot that has the gore-tex waterproof breathable liner baked in nonremovable so you’re getting the best breathability along with the best waterproofing from Mother Nature and you’re getting a premium level of protection.

I’m going to walk through all the features and break this down from the inside out in a bit but keep in mind this is a boot using full-grain leather, gore-tex, aramid or kevlar reinforcements and it even has kangaroo leather in the elasticated panels.

Again, phenomenal top of the food chain close to that $500. mark I’ll tell you what this boot won’t do so full season really designed as a road touring boots. But when you think about it, there’s a lot of protection baked in but you don’t see some of the overarching external hard parts that you’d get from a true off-road boot.

So guys do some light dual sporting but if you’re really going to start pushing it off-road I think that t’s more off-road oriented boots or what I would consider adventure-oriented boots that have more external protection for you so keep that in mind.

Let’s talk briefly about fit and then I’ll dive into some of the nuances. I find the fit of Daytona in the smaller size to run a little bit large and they start to even up as you go through the mix. don’t assume that you’re a 43 in your size boots and you’re going to be a 43 in Daytona’s.

I actually am about a nine and a half shoe, I tend to wear a 43 and something like an Alpinestars or a CD in Daytona I was a 42 and 42 homes right in our 9 and 1/2 so use that size chart.

I will tell you they’re extremely comfortable, they also come in wide sizes so yes this is that one of the few boots that come in that I believe Triple E or double E wide size for you guys that have a wider footbed.

Very comfortable, very anatomical, they also make that M-star version which has the raised heel It’s going to be a normal footbed from a sizing standpoint on Daytona and remember you should be fine just use the size chart.

Thinking through it I will tell you that my riding experience in these, I liked how they feel from a control and feedback standpoint. I find them not to be the stiffest boots I’ve worn I give them about a seven and a half on the stiffness scale but I find them to be very comfortable in the footbed and as you walk.

Remember there is a ladies version girls called the lady star GTX, very similar feature set. The outer shell is going to be hydrophobic full-grain cowhide, remember cowhide goes with gore-tex because it breathes better hydrophobic means it’s anti-water so water will repel right off of the treatment that’s that DWR on the outer shell.

It will need to be replaced over time but remember the waterproof breathability is the gore-tex liner that is baked in. Some of the other features include dual reinforced shift panel, no surprises there. A low-profile toe with a lot of TPU, that’s built-in there to give you great crush support in the toe.

Moving on our way back you’re going to see an additional layer of textile for abrasion resistance in the heel and the ankle cockpit. Moving up TPU baked in on the inside, you don’t see it from the outside because it is a classically styled boot. On the lateral side on the outside, a medial side, on the inside and it has a huge shin panel. TPU baked in very comfortable behind it has nice padding but again to protect your shin and against impact from a footpeg.

I did mention it earlier. Kangaroo leather, supple kangaroo level leather for stretch in the instep. It is also on the backside as well with that nice reflective paneling and look at the way the back heel comes up still low-profile heel but a nice big counter there as well.

If we look at it ther’s a different zipper configuration that you’re used to seeing in Daytona and that ties in with kind of the fitment scheme. Now if you look at it on the front the reason that this is curved is that a curved zipper has a tendency to stop in a crash situation, it’s not going to go down all the way it gives you a better chance for it staying up.

Again the MSTAR for men is going to have a fully covered zipper but it is a big coiled YKK zipper that goes all the way up.

On the inside you’re going to see a short zipper, again you’d use both zippers at the same time to get in and out but I find that you could probably get away with just using one but my commentary on this is that this zipper is really the second zipper when you’re putting them on you use. Do the tougher zipper first and use this straight shot zipper straight up from the backside or from the inside rather on the medial side to get in and out.

The nice part that you can’t see as we finish off the outer shell of this bad boy is thers going to be Kevlar and aramid reinforced panels in the toe as well as the low and lateral side of the heel and around towards the inside.

Heat transfer an additional abrasion resistance you can take a bad spill at 90 miles an hour skid on the side of these bad boys and you’re not going to get that heat transferred to your foot you’re going to do the additional abrasion resistance of the Kevlar which adds to the slide ability of this boot.

Again, that’s the thought process in a handmade boot from Bavaria, from a boot company that just makes boots again I think they made 80 thousand powers of boots last year for the entire world and that’s it. Top of the food chain Rolls Royce touring boots.

Moving into the guts let’s talk about why you’d use these two zippers but let’s go in one step further. Let’s fold this inside down you can see the padded backside of your shift panel now I have an inner bootie design now it’s not a removable inner bootie but it afords you some flexibility.

The first thing you’re going to notice is that it’s suede across the top, it’s extremely comfortable whether you’re wearing a high sock or a short sock if this touches your skin is beautiful and your gore-tex liner with the gator that goes all the way up and has a nice stretch to it here’s your waterproofing.

It’s completely double-walled from the outside. The cool part about this is think about your textile touring pants that might have an internal Gator or a waterproof liner. You could put that inside and put the outer boot over it then put your main pant leg down along the outside essentially creating four walls of protection from water getting in in really nasty weather climates.

What they do this a lot in Europe is you could wear a leather touring Road pant inside the boot and then you could put the outer shell of the boot up outside of it, again creating that double gator design.

The other cool part is that you have the elasticated bellows. We haven’t seen many manufacturers do this, but what you have in the back are these wings along the Achilles tendon. What it allows you to do when you put the leather of your pant inside the boot, whether you have a really beefy muscular calf or whether you’re putting a gator of your textile pant you have the ability to do it through the velcro and adjust how many circumferences you have for your leg.

You can really adjust the way this is set up so that not only is it comfortable but you have plenty of room to get either your pant or a bigger more muscular calf inside the boot which is a really nice touch.

If I look inside you’re going to notice thers wicking gore-tex liner, again soft at the top, soft throughout and that’s going to have a very basic shock absorbing footbed.

I haven’t really hit on steel reinforced sole, I talked about it was a seven and a half on the stiff scale so it really doesn’t take much to break in it’s not an overly stiff boot but provides you with great feedback and it’s low profile enough.

Reinforced composite sole with that steel shank and there’s a latex shock absorbing layer that goes all the way around the entire footbed and has two purposes, The first is it’s going to create vibration dampening so it’s a shock-absorbing when you’re walking on the boot and you’re sitting on the pegs.

The other thing is that late that latex layer on the bottom allows for an additional layer of waterproofing between the sole the insole and the gore-tex liner so that’s going to get again give you another additional layer of protection from the outside elements.

Remember you’re buying a boot like this that overtime is going to hold up, it’s an heirloom product it’s really widely regarded as a multi-season product that should last you season after season after season one cared for properly.

To finishing things off you’re going to see on the bottom, it is a touring non-slip style oil-resistant stole from Daytona. Low-profile design but it has a great grip on it. Notice thers a little bit of an instep cut away to interface with your footpegs as well.

I talked about the inner liner which you could always add your upgraded shock absorbing DR. Scholl’s to it if you really want to go that way, it’s very basic but again it’s very much reinforced. There’s a TPU liner for shock absorbing and with steel reinforcement, if you look hard on the inside of the boot.

From a care and maintenance standpoint remember you never want to dry a wet boot from a direct heat source and I talked about the DWR on the outside like a nick wax that you could apply at a later date. If it starts to wear off but the gore-tex will always be waterproof.

Again don’t use an oil, you’re never going to want to oil these because oil can clog the gore-tex membrane. Your best bet is that if it’s wet on the inside stuff it with newspaper, let it dry at room temperature and if it’s caked with mud on the outside give it a quick rinse and let it air dry. That’s the best way to care for a super premium high-end boots such as this using full grain leather from Daytona.

And that my friends is going to conclude our touring and commuter boots gear guide. But remember, this is only the start of your journey.

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