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Scorpion Covert Helmet Review
19 Jun 2020
Scorpion Covert Helmet Review
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Scorpion EXO-R420 Helmet The Competition Should Be Afraid Here's Why


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Today we do a product review on the Scorpion EXO-R420 full-face helmet. I want to give you the quick rundown on the EXO-R420, so if you want to listen to blather on and on about it, here are the cliff notes.

A solid pricing from $149 for the graphics and $159. Available on all the sizes, how does it fit? I would say it runs pretty true to size, right with a nice comfortable fit it runs to me just a bit bigger than there are for tended.

Shell Sizes

I'm a medium 58 centimeters head measurement, and this is what I tried on, I like the fit, it's comfortable and a good field of vision. It comes to the fog-free shield, all sizes except for three and four X.

It is DOT and Snell 2015 certified, which is a good value and especially at this price point. It comes in two shell sizes, extra small through medium/large and then on the way up to the top, I don't know if they include the 4x in that same shell I couldn't find any literature on that but two shell sizes for most common sizes.


It's going to have adequate to good ventilation, fog-free shield with a nice centrally located lock. It has a replaceable washable interior, ships with a chin curtain, ships with a clear shield, and a D-ring fastening system.

Here's the most important cliff note, here's the highest rundown price to pay attention to. If you're looking for a $150 helmet, this is a feature and benefit wise, quality-wise, in my opinion, the best one available.


The Shell Sizes retails at $149 for solids color and $159 for the graphic sets. This is for a Snell certified helmet and every sizes Snell except for 3x and 4x. Unbelievable price point.

Scorpion can't take a picture of a helmet to save their lives. I look at a picture of this helmet online, and it doesn't look that great, you get it in your hands, and it looks fantastic. So scorpion, please fix that,

This is, in my opinion, the best made $150 price point helmet out there, period. To clarify, I ride in scorpion products; most of my racetrack days, I'm going to be in higher-end stuff.

My whole family snowmobiles, every one of those snowmobiles, two daughters, son, wife my brother goes. Everybody, except for my brother is riding in a scorpion helmet, so I'm putting myself and my entire family in their products.

Who is this helmet right for? If you're looking for a full face element and see one of the graphics and dig it, then this helmet is right for you.

If you're going to go to the track, let's get you into a higher-end helmet, but if you're a newer rider or get a great deal on a street helmet, this is right for you.


Helmet weight in a size medium on our digital shipping scale came in at 3.5 pounds, which is lightweight for most helmets today, especially for Snell certified products.

How does it fit compared to other helmets?

The interior shape is intermediate oval, which is right for most people in North America. I measure 58 centimeters around my head, and a medium fits me, it's a comfortable fit.

I've seen other products from them in previous years, where the medium was a little tighter. I think the 410 felt a little bit tighter, this feels just a little bit more relaxed, but it fits as it should.

The on/off effort was not too difficult, but also not so easy. Remember, that's really important with newer helmet buyers that are typically going to gravitate towards a product like this.

When you put the helmet on, you want to grab it by the chin straps, spread the interior apart a bit, and then pull it over.

If it's too easy to get on, odds are it doesn't fit right,, and if it doesn't fit right, it can't protect you properly.

You've got an intake vent on the top of the helmet that is either on or off. It has another intake vent on the chin that is multi-position. That will bring air into the chin area and up on to the shield, which is, of course, a famous scorpion fog-free.

It has a diffuser on the back for your exhaust ventilation. Ventilation is an area where you look at more affordable helmets, and you look at middle-of-the-road and higher-end helmets. One of the features that are always better the more you spend is ventilation.

My expectation of ventilation performance with this helmet is adequate, is it going to be a great top shelf? Probably not.

It has one intake vent on the top and one on the chin; higher end helmets will typically have brow vents, defuse your style across the top, a chin vent, and then, of course, your existing vents. I think overall; it will be adequate.

The helmet ships with a clear shield, there are tinted shields that are available. This is fog-free treated; the scorpion has dominated that fog-free treatment for years because it works. With a scorpion helmet, there's no need for pin lock.

Often, when I'm riding the sleds, depending on the temperature conditions, I'll unplug the shield, throw it into my car and ride the majority of the day without one; this stuff is very useful.

You have a lock at the center bottom part of the shield, that does two things. One, it's going to keep it down in place, helping it seal better against the gasket. We've got multiple detents if that's important to you.

To change the shield, pull on the trigger on the side of the helmet and then pull out to remove the shield.

Is this the smoothness one I have used? It's not horrible, but you get the sense that the higher-end helmets feel a bit nicer, but you have to be realistic about your expectations.

To reinstall it, you get the locator tab aligned with the ratchet system and then push in; it is straightforward and easy to do.


It comes with a breath deflector already installed, which is removable if you want to do so. You want to grab hold of it and pull upward, make sure you get it as close to its base as possible when you do that, so you don't tear it apart cause it does engage pretty well.

Also included is a chin curtain. To remove the chin curtain, grab it once again towards the base, and pull out. Excellent positive engagement that is not going to fall out, this does have the emergency release cheat pads, so if you do happen to have an accident.

It's marked, it's got a little tab when you're wearing the helmet these things just pulled right out. It doesn't work as well when you have the helmet on a table, you kind of need the pressure inside the helmet to make it work properly by having it on.

To remove them without using the quick-release, get your fingers in between the EPS in the back of the cheek pad. Remember, this is a $149 $259 helmet, and it has good material. It is designed to work with glasses with good stitching.

The top pad got two snaps on the back. Release those, come up to the front, that comes off pretty easily. Once again, you're going to see a really nice quality of stitching and components. Liners are replaceable if you do choose to order one down the road.

What you most often with a helmet like this odds are people aren't going to replace the liner they're probably investing in a new helmet if and when the time comes. Inside the helmet, it has pockets ready to accept the communicator system, some little channels there for the wires.

Look inside you'll see the EPS is channeled out for ventilation, the chin bar is EPS lined and has holes for ventilation to get some ventilation in the chin area and air moving up onto the shield.

In conclusion

I've always said this for years when it comes to this price point stuff scorpion dominates. The quality, the features, the benefits, I feel comfortable using it.

For a first-time helmet buyer, that's your price point; this is where you need to shop. It will exceed expectations, and it won't just meet them it's not going to fall short them, I think realistically as long as you've ordered the right size and it fits you well this is going to exceed your expectations,

It's worth $150 and then some. Its competition should be afraid of this helmet because it's a great product.

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Scorpion Covert Helmet Review
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Scorpion Covert Helmet Review
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