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Scorpion EXO-R420 Helmet The Competition Should Be Afraid Here's Why
03 Jul 2020
Scorpion EXO-R420 Helmet The Competition Should Be Afraid Here's Why
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Scorpion Covert Helmet Review


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⁣The Scorpion Covert helmet is an excellent option for those of you out there looking for a stylish helmet that can go from a full-face helmet, down to a low profile half helmet.

Let's take a closer look and see how this could benefit your ride.

The Scorpion Covert helmet is coming in that sub $210 price range, and as I mentioned to you before, you can wear this helmet in a few different configurations, depending on the style or the performance you wish to have.

One of the first things I wanted to touch on here was the overall construction. We've got a Polycarp shell that is going to keep this helmet lightweight, yet durable. We threw it up on the scales in a size medium fully assembled, and it came in at 3 pounds 5 ounces.

Of course, this helmet is DOT certified, as are all the helmets that we sell. The Scorpion Covert helmet is available in sizes extra small, up to a three XL, and it comes in two solid colors, and it has one graphic available at the moment.

For reference, I measure right at 22 and a half inches across my head, and I'm currently wearing a size medium in this helmet. It fits me true to size, and I typically wear a medium across the board.

If we flip the helmet up, that's where we're going to see that it's a bit more elongated front to back then it's going to be side-to-side. And the internal fit here is going to be an intermediate oval.

It can be used as a full face, a three-quarter, or even a half helmet. When you receive it, it's going to come to you in the three-quarter format, so it's going to have the chin bar removed, and it's going to look just like this.

You have these two buttons here on both sides of the helmet that's going to allow you to take the chin bar off and insert it as you need to do so.

If we take a closer look at the chin bar, we have these magnetic strips, and that's going to help align it when you're trying to put it back into the helmet.

Swing it around to the back, and you'll see that we have DOT certification. Moving just down from there, we have this trigger lock mount system, so when you engage this trigger lock, that's going to allow you to remove the bottom portion of this helmet, and it's going to turn it into a half helmet.

Swing it around to the front. If we take a closer look at the chin bar, we've got a few vents. Swing it up to the top of the helmet, we have an active vent as well, and that's what's going to allow air to be pulled the half helmet through the EPS to keep you comfortable when you're out there riding.

Of course, you can see that we have an internal Sun Visor. This is going to seal well with the soft gasket we have lining the chin bar. Another nice feature is that the Scorpion covert helmet includes a clear shield so you can change that out if you wish to do so.

Now moving from the exterior of the helmet to the interior, we have a quick wick to antimicrobial liner system. So that's going to help prevent odors bacteria from building up inside the helmet.

Still, you can also remove the liner, wash everything pop it back in the helmet, and you're going to keep this helmet nice and fresh for the duration of its life.

The covert helmet has the versatility to easily be transformed to fit the style or the performance you wish to have with your ride.

I have not seen a helmet that carries on this lineage in quite some time. We saw the bell-rope do the Bain style of things, and we saw Cobra Commander in the shark raw.

Scorpion covert has its flavor, and why you might be saying? Oh, scorpion you're late to the party, we're saying that I like that they're on time.

If we look at it, it's the most integrated setup for any of these helmets that have the removable muzzle.

If you're new to this one, I call the removable muzzle out. It means that this rubberized chin component, the muzzle, actually comes off.

You can see it's weighted on the inside, it uses neodymium magnets to guide it back in, but that's the claim to fame.

It's going to allow you to choose if you want to be open-faced, notice how they guide their way back in or want to wear it on, but what we like about this helmet is it's very stormtrooper, ish it's very futuristic.

This is the rat neck graphic, there's also a matte black, but we like the fact that the drop-down Sun Visor integrates with the muzzle.

None of the other helmets that have done the removable muzzle I've done that they've all said wear your sunglasses.

Well, you can wear your sunglasses or a pair of goggles on this helmet, but if you want, you can now keep it nice and easy, and integrated, it blocks the wind and use the dark smoke shield.

So taking a big step back you're around the $200 mark, let's talk briefly about fitment here on the Scorpion covert. Scorpion covert is going to be an intermediate oval head shape, and it's not going to be overly round or overly narrow.

It should fit fine within the American market, it's DOT rated, and again it's using the same quality EPS that we see within the Scorpion line.

So no real questions there remember to use a size chart will ship for free over 39 bucks if you're concerned what I love to know is, are you as excited about it as we are when it comes to these removable muzzle type designs?

Now, a quick sidebar. Everybody should wear a full-face helmet because this part of the helmets is not DOT rated, but if you're going for a little bit of mixture of style and function, it's pretty cool.

If we dive in, it is a polycarbonate helmet; we think polycarbonate is not going to be composite. It's not going to use any fiberglass, but it's three-pound six ounces and again remember it's DOT rated as an open-faced helmet.

So this part of the helmet is DOT rated, this part of the helmet is EPS. That extends; it is not these parts removable. You can wear the helmet without it, but that's our only gripe is we don't think it looks great when you start to disassemble it completely.

Most people I would imagine buying this helmet are going to wear it in this configuration or with the muzzle off.

The other thing to call out is if we think about the shark growl the bell-rope neither one had venting, this scorpion covert has chimney vents that are going to funnel air back through the helmet.

There's no exhaust, but again you're getting better functionality of a helmet in that same price range. Still, it won't break the bank, and it's a unique style piece.

If we look at it this ridge, it adds some style, but it's the howls the integrated Sun Visor system that flips up and down with these two scoops on either side. If we look back, it's just going to come down neatly and finish off.

Remember around the bottom this EPS is fully removable, so the DOT element ends right here, and this piece you can pull off, but again not my recommendation.

If we look at the front, the muzzle does have venting we showed you on either side how simple it is to remove it just like that when you're putting it back on notice, that a nice satisfying click as you're going to jam it in there, and again neodymium magnets helpline.

Notice from the top down, there's a nice gasket in there it's going to block you from Mother Nature it's going to block some wind out it's going to have a nice integration point if you don't want to wear sunglasses or you don't want to try to snake a pair of goggles under there.

At first glance, you're looking at and playing with it. I think a pair of goggles is probably going to be a stretch.

I think your sunglasses or a drop-down, and that's going to be different again compared to something like the shark roll, and certainly different compared to something like the bell rogue.

I have my neck roll, which is fully removable, notice it is wicking, it's using the quick two-liner system from the scorpion, again wicking antimicrobial nice and soft against the skin uses velcro to hold it on.

I don't dock it points; what I do like is that it's metal on the back because all the air that came into the mohawk is on the chimney vent is going to circulate down's going to exit out through the back.

That mesh is going to allow it to breathe and allow you to have better air circulation and extraction.

If I open this up from the bottom and pull off my muzzle now, you're going to see again one more the interior guts they're your magnets there are your ventilation holes on the front.

If you are riding in the cold, this is not going to be able to be closed. Again you're going to have a lot of air coming in there; keep that in mind.

We look at the rest of it; double D-ring construction no surprises there. I'm going to pull out my integrated quick Rick two-liner, underlying mesh basic, foam four points of snap, again using all the features you'd expect to see in a mid-range scorpion helmet.

It doesn't make me go over the moon, but it also doesn't bug me. It's again what I'd expect from a quick to it stride it's right. It's proven, but it's not adding a ton of cost.

The other thing to call out is to notice the ventilation scheme on this helmet. They gave you the chimney vents, and they're giving you great cutaways in the EPS to allow you to circulate that airflow.

Remember that's going to come in through the top. It's going to run down the backside, under your skull, and exit through the neck roll. Again very very thoughtful

The last thing that we would see here is this non-UTEP EPS piece. It is removal, there are two hooks on either side, and the way you pull it out is by yanking on this bad boy and ripping it off again we'll show you what that looks like with this uninstalled, but we don't like it.

We think it looks a little bit goofy like a mushroom head. It's too high there's nothing to balance it out when you do remove this, that'll be your call, but I'm telling you up front don't buy this helmet expecting that to look great, it's just going to look ok to slightly goofy.

Now, remember what we like about it we want to seal the gasket if you install everything back, and we put our muzzle back on, which I will show you quickly how quickly those magnets line up.

We love that integration; we like to look out of it balances its way out again. It's a different flavor on this muzzle design.

Still, I will tell you this before you click on and read other rider reviews. I'm going to tell you that most impacts happen to the face, and this is a non do T rated this is flexible rubber.

So if you were worried about protection, it might not be the direction you want to go. I always recommend a full-face helmet for folks just because of the nature of so many wrecks.

Learn more about low profile half helmets here.

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Scorpion EXO-R420 Helmet The Competition Should Be Afraid Here's Why
03 Jul 2020
Scorpion EXO-R420 Helmet The Competition Should Be Afraid Here's Why
Motocycle · 13 Views