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Shoei X-14 Helmet Review Mark Marquez Used It Moto GP, And Here's Why
26 Jun 2020
Shoei X-14 Helmet Review Mark Marquez Used It Moto GP, And Here's Why
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Best of Shoei Collection Road Tested By Experts

In Shoei

⁣What does shall we offer us with their 20/20 collection today? We'll, go through the latest collection and put each of these helmets to the test to see how they perform shall we have been around for a good while and I've, built up a reputation based on their quality performance, advanced Design, and comfortable liners first established in 1959 as polyester manufacture.

They began producing motorcycle helmets and about 1968 years later they expanded to the US and in 1987 to Europe. The amazing thing about this is that it's all been done with under 500 staff members and while only producing their helmets in Japan so show you really do focus on ensuring you're, getting quality and safety since they also usually Score about three stars or more on the sharp test.

So what's new for the 2020 collection, the helmets that we've got here and we'll, be taking out on our road tests. Are the show. you j-cruise? They'll show a GTR Shoei neotec, the Shoei nxr, and they show exp r3 just a reminder to subscribe and check out the rest of our youtube channel where we review and road test.

The latest motorcycle helmets, not only from Shoei but from other major brands as well. If this is your first time seeing how we set up our road tests, then I'll. Give you a quick rundown on the left on the white monitor.

Is the helmets internal temperature in degrees Celsius, measured through a thermometer between the helmets, liner, and EPS in the middle as a decibel meter, which shows readings from a thermometer placed near the helmets? The ear on the right is a telephone which shows the airspeed on the helmet through an anemometer on the bike.

Lastly, in the middle on the dash is our rider speed and the external temperature. As usual, we conducted all our road tests at 130, km/h or 80 miles per hour on long stretches of highway. Rest.

The stop on our list is the Shoei j-cruise, so the j-cruise took over from the relatively recent show: AJ Cruz.
It still traces its name back to the show J max. This helmet comes with a recommended retail price of about 500 euros or 540 US dollars and boasts the most cutting-edge in terms of features with its showy advanced, integrated, matrix outer shell, which is produced in three outer shell sizes, and this is all coming out of very light.

Weight of about 1300 70 grams for about 3 pounds, you can already see the commitment to quality with three shell sizes. We are above average for most manufacturers. The helmet includes a strong ventilation system with three vents in the front and always open exhaust in the back, and obviously, it's a jet helmet.

So you'll get plenty of air underneath the visor. The visor is pinlock prepared and has been improved to reduce the young and the wind and the drop-down Sun. The visor is also going to drop down a little bit lower.
Lastly, the helmet uses show ease 3dmax liner and it's, prepared for the Cena Srl to make installation a bit easier. When we take the j-cruise two out, it was a cool wintry day with the airspeed, ranging from about 110 to 130 km/h.

The helmet's internal temperature was about 6 degrees Celsius of 43 Fahrenheit, and the external temperature is approximately 5 degrees Celsius or 41 Fahrenheit, so that's, a difference of one degree, which is great from noise, the j-cruise 2 clocked in at 106 decibels.

But this is about the standard for a premium open face helmet. As far as ranking goes. The j-cruise 2 does very well for the material. The helmet earns 4 stars for its composite construction and multiple shell sizes.

The helmet earns 5 starts for weight and another 3 for the visor. Understandably, the helmet finds itself with one star for noise, but we're, not giving this very much weight here. Lastly, the helmet earns 4 stars for both ventilation and for comfort, which brings it to a total of three and a half stars at 23 years per star.

Next up for the best elements from the show, you've got this showy gt-r. This is a sport touring, helmet from Showa meant to balance long-distance touring comfort, but the sleek look. So with the recommended retail price of about 450 euros or 490 US dollars.

The gtr2 is again made of show ease a material with three outer shell sizes and weighing about 1450 grams or three pounds. Three ounces. The vents are in the usual places for showy, so you have one vent in the prow that you can adjust as well as one in the chin as well with exhaust at the back.
The visor is been lot prepared with the insert lens in the box, and there's, a drop-down Sun Visor as well again. The helmet users show his 3d max liner and is prepared for the Cina Siri when we tested the GTR the days.

Airspeed was about 130 km/h for ventilation. The GTR showed 27 degrees Celsius or 80 Fahrenheit in the helmet. While it was about 26, he's outside, so that's, a difference of one degree. We also got a reading of 97 decibels, which is astounding, and one of the lowest results that we've found so far.

So it's, no surprise that the gtr2 comes with many a star for the material. The helmet earns four stars and the same goes for weight and the visor since it comes with all these high-end features. Unsurprisingly, again, the gtr2 earns 5 stars from noise isolation thanks to its phenomenal result and a further 4 stars for ventilation, as well as another 5 for comfort.

Overall, this brings the gtr2 to a total of 4 stars at 20 years per star, bringing it an excellent performing helmet, as well as a good value for money helmet. Lastly, for the turning world, we have the Shoei neotec.

Did he show his main modular helmet that took over from the previous Neotech with a recommended retail price of about six hundred and thirty euros, or around 700 US dollars to the helmet? It does come out of the premium.

This still does't quite beat this Hubert C 4 pro. I call showy helmets. It's, made of am -- and comes in three shell sizes and weighs about 1,600 grams or 3 pounds and 15 ounces events are positioned the same as the GTR.

So you have one vent in the chin and one vent and [ __ ] head. The visor is pinlock prepared with the insert in the box, and it also comes with an internal Sun Visor again, and the liner is the usual 3d liner, which is great, and the helmet has also been built to integrate with the scene.

Siri don't worry, though this is the last one that currently comes with this feature. When we took the neotec 2 out the day's airspeed range from 120 to 130 km/h the day's, the temperature was about 33 degrees Celsius or around 91 Fahrenheit.

However, thanks to the vents on the chin, the forehead, and the exhaust in the back, our writer kept a cool head of about 32 degrees Celsius or 89 Fahrenheit, so a degree of difference. This was also helped by the Hellmouth steep EPS groups from noise, the neotec 2 clocked in at 101 decibels, which is very good for a modular helmet, which is a category that tends to be louder than full-face helmets.

Overall, the neotec 2 does rank very well from the material, the neotec, 2 ruins four and a half stars, and another three for weight. Thanks to the pin lock on the visor and the advanced visor sealing system, the new tech to win sports stars for the visor and for noise, the new tech 2 finds itself with another 4 stars, while for ventilation and comfort it five stars for each.

This brings the neotec two to a total of four stars at 22 years per star. Next, we come to the full-on full face: sport helmet category, starting with the showy and XR it's, still, one of, if not the best helmet from Shoei and it & # 39.

S enjoyed unparalleled popularity among writers being among the lightest and most comfortable full-face helmet. The NX r is made of an m -- and comes had a recommended retail price of 412 euros around four hundred and forty-five US dollars with four outer shell sizes.

The helmet weighs about 1300 grams or two pounds and 13 ounces and airflow comes into the helmet from a chin vent at the front for head vents and to bra vents on either side with the exhaust out. The back.

The visor is pinlock prepared and it comes with the insert in the box. The liner has shown his 3d liner and it comes with the emergency release, cheek pads for added safety when we tested the NX rout the airspeed for the day range from about 120 to 130 km/h and the exterior temperature was 24 degrees Celsius or 75 Fahrenheit.

However, thanks to the multiple events on the helmet, as well as its deep EPS grooves, the interior was 23 degrees Celsius or 73 Fahrenheit, so that's, one degree less than the outside, which is excellent.
Lastly, for noise, we measured around 103 decibels, which is a little bit above average.

As far as ranking goes the NX. Our turns four starts from material and another five for weight. The visor of the helmet earns four stars and from noise is two and a half, since it was still on the noisier side of average for ventilation.

The NX r did excellent earning five stars and another four for its quality liner. Overall, this brings the NX r to four stars at 19 years per star, giving this home at an astounding value for money and it's.

No surprise why this helmet is such a favorite among old riders. Lastly, for today we & # 39. Ve got the showy X spirit 3 or the X 14 as it's known outside of Europe. This is show YZ top-of-the-line helmet and is also the model worn in MotoGP by writers, such as Marc Marquez, but this is still an affordable helmet with a recommended retail price of about 700 euros for 750 US dollars.

The expert 3 comes in four outer shell sizes and is not made of ordinary aim, but aimed Plus, which will mean it will be lighter with 1,350 grams. The ventilation on this helmet is strong thanks to the two chin, vents that are adjustable, one bra vent, and another one for the back on the helmet with the exhaust coming just above the spoiler.

The visor comes fully race, ready with tear-off pins, and it's. Also, pinlock prepared with the insert provided as well. The liners show his 3d liner and the helmet comes with the emergency release, cheek pads, an adjustable liner, and has space for a comp system.

When we tested the expert 3 out, it was another sunny day and the airspeed was 115 km/h. The outside temperature. For the day was 21 degrees Celsius or 70 Fahrenheit, while the helmets interior temperature was the same, which is also great.

The noise level inside the helmet was 103 decibels, which is actually very good, considering that this is a race helmet. Now for the stars of the last showy helmet for today for material, the expert 3 earns itself four and a half stars thanks to its fiberglass composite shell and another five for the weight for its great visor in aerodynamics, the helmet earns another 5 stars and for ventilation.

The helmet did well by earning 4 stars and can be expected to do even better in a touch position on the track. Finally, for comfort, the expert 3 earns 5 stars thanks to its great liner, and this brings the expert 3 to a total of 5 stars at 25 years per star, which again it's, great value for money and also explains why it's, another popular helmet model.

Overall, there are some clear factors that explain: why show we have remained so popular throughout the years and all this expertise really shows in their 20/20 collection. Not only is it at their high safety and high quality of their helmets, but it's that they consistently ranked among the top helmets.

That will give you what you pay for, if not more, but they don't always perform as well as other helmets that they compete with. They still perform consistently. Well, if you'd like to purchase any of these showy helmets and make sure to head to champion illness comm where we have the lowest price guarantee and plenty of bundle, deals, including discounted communication systems and free visors, that's.

It for the best showy 20/20 helmet collection. Well, there are many more. These helmets have proven themselves consistently over time, not only on our road tests but from what we hear back from you as well.

If you liked the video make sure to subscribe - and let us know what you think in the comments down below - I'm Sebastian from Kevin moments, thanks for watching

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Shoei X-14 Helmet Review Mark Marquez Used It Moto GP, And Here's Why
26 Jun 2020
Shoei X-14 Helmet Review Mark Marquez Used It Moto GP, And Here's Why
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