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Bell Eliminator Review Best In Class For The Mid-Range Cruiser Market
09 Jul 2020
Bell Eliminator Review Best In Class For The Mid-Range Cruiser Market
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Bell Pit Boss Helmet Review

In Bell

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The Bell pit boss helmet is a half helmet with the added versatility of an internal Sun Visor, and a speed dial-adjustable fit system.

The Bell pit boss is coming in at circa one hundred and thirty dollars. It has an excellent low-profile design and does a great job eliminating that mushroom head effect that you often get with a lot of half helmets on the market.

The helmet sits a little bit lower, so it's got a nicer look for you. The first thing I wanted to touch on was the overall construction. We have a tri matrix composite shell.

It consists of Kevlar carbon as well as fiberglass, which will keep this helmet lightweight and robust.

I threw it up on the scales, and it came in at three pounds five ounces. It comes in a size medium, and of course, all the helmets are going to be DOT certified, and this one is no exception.

Before I get too wordy with some of these features, I did want to take a second and talk about the fit. The pit-boss is available in sizes small, all the way up to three XL. It comes in four different color options.

For reference, I measure right at 22 and a half inches around the circumference of my head, and I'm wearing a size medium in this helmet comfortably.

This has a more intermediate oval internal shape, which means it's a bit more elongated front to back than it's going to be side-to-side.

But again, this fits me true to size. I typically wear a size medium across the board.

Another nice feature that Bell included with the pit-boss is the Bell speed dial-adjustable fit system. This feature allows you to fine-tune the fit within the helmet so you can pull in any excess material if you're riding at higher speeds, and you need it nice and stable. You can simply reach up and make those adjustments as you need to do.

This helmet is available in two shell sizes, and that's going to help contribute to that overall low profile look that I mentioned to you before.

You can see that we have a peak visor, this is removable so you can take that out if you want to.

One of my favorite features of this helmet is going to be the internal Sun Visor. As I mentioned to you, this is an excellent addition for you; It helps eliminate the need to carry around sunglasses.

You can engage the internal Sun Visor when you need that eye protection and retract it inside the shell of the helmet when you don't.

Moving from the exterior to the interior, we do have a fleece liner that works its way around the back of the helmet. This is fully removable so if you want to maximize the airflow you can unzip it and it's going to pop right out of place.

As I mentioned before, we also have the speed dial-adjustable fit system. This is an excellent addition to this helmet. It allows you to fine-tune the fit of the helmet and pull any excess material snug.

That's going to be a great addition for any cruisers out there, or any riders looking for a half helmet that has a nice low-profile look.

There you have it, a half helmet that works well for those of you out there on cruiser bikes.

The Bell Pit Boss Helmet is new from Bell. It's going to do a handful of things pretty well, but the key takeaways are that this is a half helmet that's is DOT, and my favorite, favorite thing about this is the way it fits.

Intermediate, oval head shape is going to fit most riders. It's not too long front to back, not too round, but what they've done is they've managed to use an EPS that keeps the DOT but doesn't give you that Toad from Mario Kart type of look.

A lot of times with DOT half helmets, they sit high on the head, and you have people say, "Well, I don't want to look like I'm wearing a mushroom, so I'm going to go with something more of a brain bucket."

And what you end up with is a non-DOT helmet or a helmet that is less comfortable or not as safe.

Not the case here with the Bell Pit Boss. So what you have is nice internal guts to it that are going to be wicking and comfortable, but one of the keys here, the first thing that I'm going to hone in on, is the speed dial system from Bell that you see on the back here.

It's motorcycle technology, Easton-Bell makes tons and tons and tons of helmets for lots of different types of riding, even hard hats, they make helmets.

And what they've done is they've taken technology that allows you to custom fit the circumference of this piece here that's going to fit just along, and it's not going to be uncomfortable.

It sits underneath the back of the ridge of your head, and there's a snap in here, so it's multi positionable, so if I snap it out here you're going to see that it comes down, you see how there are multiple points that it connects to the helmet.

What it allows you to do, as I snap it back in, it will enable you to keep this helmet from the lifting of its speed. So whether you're riding at speed, or where you position it on your head, it's going to want to go like that when the wind hits it.

By having this comfortable technology here in the back that you can loosen and tighten, it's going to allow you to keep it down.

This is straight from the bicycle world. Looking at this helmet too, as far as the shell composite, it's a tri composite which is Bell's high-end material for lightweight, 900 grams on this guy, so it's very lightweight for it is.

A solid is available as well. The removable visor and the other thing about it are it has a removable cold weather neck curtain. So double D-ring closure. I'm going to open it up here, let's look at it.

I'm going to zip out this neck liner and show you what it looks like when you pull it off.

So, notice it's a snap there, pull the leather piece down. This is for cold-weather riding, and we're just going to zip it off, it's straightforward to do. It zips all the way around.

Every Bell Pit Boss has this included. And there is my fleece-lined neck liner for colder weather riding when I do that you can see the speed dial system very clearly, and you can also see where it sits.

Remember everybody has that occipital ridge in the back of there head, that's kind of where your head slopes change. This is going to sit right below it and be very, very comfortable.

So let us know what you think of the Bell Pit Boss Helmet. It's a half helmet; it's the fit that you need to hone in on here.

The other thing I didn't mention it has a flip-down polycarbonate shield, so most states typically require eye protection you can either wear this or rock your sunglasses, it's up to you, and that is spring-loaded.

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