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19 Jun 2020
Bell Pit Boss Helmet Review
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AGV K6 Helmet At Prices That Will Shock You


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Today we have a brand new helmet from AGV, the K6. We're incredibly excited about this because it is a very forward-thinking helmet from AGV.

It's not nearly as aggressive as what we normally see from them, it is extremely revolutionary and its size and its weight. We look at this is that I see this being a direct competitor for the Shoei RF-1200.

The RF-1200 has been pretty much a class-leading Street do-everything helmet, and I think that the K6 is going to be a big rival for that. As we walk through this, you'll see exactly what I'm talking about.


The price point though, so this helmet is going to come in around the $480 mark, keep in mind that does have a price match guarantee, so you are guaranteed to get the lowest price, but around the $480 mark, you're now getting a premium helmet sub $500.

Shell Construction

The shell carbon is an aramid shell construction, four different shell sizes. The shell breakdown for this runs from extra small to small, medium-small gets its own shell size, medium-large to large and then extra-large two 2 extra-large.

If you're trying to compare the AGV sizes to what you might be in a Shoei or Aria, the small-medium fits very comparable to what you would wear if you were a medium in Shoei or Aria.

The weight for the medium-small is two pounds 14 ounces. This helmet is a DOT EC rated helmet, so it's not Snell. AGV goes with ECE, but keep in mind that many race organizations are now recognizing ECE as being able to use this helmet on the track.

When we look at this with an AGV's line, this is their premium street offering. You can see it doesn't have the aggressive real front Hawksbill, as you usually see with an AGP helmet. The rear spoiler on the back is a bit more subdued. You still get it, but it is aimed at offering Premium comfort and premium lightness to those of you out there riding on the street.

Even the internal fit on this is aimed more for the American market. It is a true intermediate oval, a lot of the times in the past we've seen a GV put out helmets where they're calling it intermediate oval, it still fits a little bit on the round side as far as I'm concerned.

This one fits more like a true intermediate oval. It's a little longer front to back, a bit narrower down the head side, and it's Going To work very comfortably for the majority of you out there in the American market.

Those facts aside, let's start taking a look at where some of that weight savings come from. Starting off with the face shield. Please take a look at the mechanism for the face shield, and it is the smallest mechanism for a face shield that I have ever seen.

You have a little button on the bottom, what you do is you pull that tab out, and the face shield pops off. To put it back on, you line it up, pull that tab back out, and back on.

It's extremely easy to use, extremely easy to open and close, and if you want to swap a team between shields, you're not going to have any issues as far as doing that quickly.

The facial that's included, clear face shield with a pin lock insert included in the package, and the detents on this are extremely firm. I'm someone that likes to ride with my face shield in the open or semi-open position, the detents on this when you're riding down the road it holds where you want it to go.

It's a slightly thicker face shield as far as the locking mechanism goes, you do have a button on the bottom. In some cases, we've seen helmet manufacturers do this where the button kind of gets in the way of what we've seen from a ventilation standpoint.

I don't have that issue even with motorcycle gloves on. You can reach up, push the button, and open that up extremely easy to use. Once it's locked into place, it's truly locked into place.

The gasket gives an excellent seal all the way around from a wind noise perspective, and it is one of the quieter helmets that we've used on the street with that in the closed position.

The downside is the vents. You do have five intake vents, and you can see the little actuator down here for the front vent, and then you are going to have top vents with three different ways to open those up.

It's not the best venting helmet that we've seen. The ports for the vents are slightly smaller than I'd like to see, in the fact that you have so many different little pieces to open is a little bit of a pain in the butt when you're out there riding to make sure that you have them all open, but that's my problem.

The biggest nitpick with this helmet is the ventilation. It isn't as robust as we've seen with some other manufacturers, and we get to the back; it's just too small past events at the top.

The overall shape of the shell is extremely small, the helmets one of the lightest Street helmets that I've seen yet, and you are getting something a little more comfortable for all-day use on the street.


Let's move to the inside. The first thing you'll notice is that the chin curtain on this is flexible. It moves back and forth, which makes it easier to get the helmet on and off. That was the first thing I noticed, and if you want to, you can pull that off it is entirely removable.

The other thing you'll notice is they get the pops are reflective down here along the side, but you are Going To have this neck roll. If you've never used a helmet with a neck roll before the benefit of this is once you get the helmet on and feels extremely secure.

You're not getting any extra wind noise pushing up from the bottom, but it is a bit harder to get the helmet on and off with that neck roll.

It does work into the cheek pads, so if you've never used a helmet before, pull apart on the side straps a little more as you're putting the helmet on and off.

It is quick-release, and as we snap these out, one of the things you'll notice is that this gasket does an excellent job of sitting on top of and like wrapping itself up over the neck roll.

You can easily mount an ECOM system to this helmet. There are speaker cutouts on the inside we'll take a look at those in just a moment, but as we take a look at the cheek pads, you'll see it connects to the neck roll, and this is going to be a similar design from what we've seen from AGV in the past.

It's a combination of Shalimar and ritmo, which are the materials they're using. Extremely comfortable does contour to the face, and then this is going to be removable, washable, and microbials, so a top-of-the-line liner system from what we see from AGV.

I was a little bit concerned because the top liner utilizes two snaps in the front, and a lot of times, when we see this happen, you can get pressure points where the snaps are.

When we went out and rode in this, one of the biggest questions I had was whether or not that was going to be something you could feel. Surprisingly it's not.

They did an excellent job of having two easy snaps in the front, two easy snaps in the back of this, and then once you get it in there, it feels completely comfortable while you are riding.

You will notice we are going to have the speaker cutouts. So, if you have a coms system you want to install, it's very easy to do so.

The speaker cutouts are recessed enough, I've seen cutouts where they're too small, or they're not recessed far enough.

They did a very good job of giving you speaker cutouts for this, and then when we took a look at taking a look at the inside liner, you do have those massive channels for the ventilation.

Again, I wish the holes were a little more prominent on the front to allow more airflow through, and as you work your way down the back, you can see where those holes are cut out in the back for the passive vents at the back of the helmet.

The lack of open ports for ventilation really is my biggest nitpick with the AGV.

When you're looking at the fit and finish, when you're considering the weight, when you're looking at the styling, I think AGV knocked this out of the park.

Especially when it comes in around the four hundred and eighty dollar mark.

You're getting a premium helmet that I see this way. The rest of my team sees this, you know.

This helmet is going to be a direct competitor with the RF 1200, which has been such a huge success for Shoei.

I think the AGV K6 is going to see very similar success with this. I'd be surprised to see what you think about the helmet. If you want more information from other riders, you can always click the info button on the desktop or mobile device that you're viewing the video.

You can read other rider reviews, and you can weigh in and leave your feedback as well if you are one of the riders out there in this helmet.

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