• Top 5 Best Motorcycle Helmet Cameras
    There is no best motorcycle camera only a camera that suits your requirements. You may want a camera to catch the excitement of racing on a track or simply use a camera to record your journey to work and back. Our top pick is the GoPro Hero 7 Black but we have reviewed four more cameras here so you can decide what your best camera is.
  • Is it legal to mount a GoPro on a motorcycle helmet?
    Is it legal to mount a GoPro on a motorcycle helmet Is a great question but the question you should be asking is “WHY do I need a camera in the first place?” Asking a legal question on the internet may not be a good idea, you are asking legal advice from people who may not be lawyers. Some say it’s OK to mount a camera on your helmet as long as you don’t drill into it, the truth is the law may be different across the US so the safest thing to do is check with your local law enforcement officials. Now getting back to the real question of WHY you need to record your journeys in the first place.