What Type Motorcycle Boots Should I Get? Detailed Video Guide

There are many different types of motorcycle boot but which are the right ones for you?

There are many types of motorcycle boots you can choose from. There are Street boots, sport track boots, touring boots, dirt bike boots, and adventure boots.

Check out our detailed video guide that walks you through each type of boot so you can decide what kind of motorcycle boot is best for you.

Use the list to pick the type of motorcycle boot you are looking for that is best for your type of riding style.

In this article, we’re going to walk you through all the different types of motorcycle boots that are available today, as well as how to determine the right fit for your feet and riding style.

As you work our way through this article, it’s important to note that boots provide the biggest challenge when it comes to sizing.

Our goal is going to explain what to look for as you’re shopping for your new pair of motorcycle boots.

Motorcycle boots are available to a wide variety of price points across the board. While a price might dictate the materials that a boot is made from and subsequently how comfortable it is, it doesn’t necessarily dictate how protective a pair of boots will be.

When we thought of protection within motorcycle boots, we’re talking about everything from crush protection to torsional bracing and protection from the elements.

Our motorcycle boots are manufactured from a wide variety of different materials, mesh, leather, textile, rubber, plastic, and that’s to name a few.

The type of materials that a pair of boots is made from is going to be determined by the intended use of those specific boots.

Let’s get things started by talking about the type of motorcycle boots that are available for you to choose from.

Street Boots

Street Boots

We’re going to kick things off today by talking about street boots, and that’s because street boots are probably the best casual motorcycle boots option available.

Some of the pros of street boots are that they’re going to be a wide variety of different styles and materials to choose from and comfortable motorcycle boots for walking.

You’re also looking at a pair of boots that does an excellent job of blending both comforts as well as protection.

These are great as an everyday wear option. There are even some waterproof options available for you to choose from.

Some of the cons, however, are going to be the fact that these are not going to be as protective as a sports track option.

You’re not going to have the same level of foot crush protection, there’s typically not torsional bracing available, and you’re looking at a boot that’s not going to give you that same height for maximum coverage area.


  • Variety
  • Blend of Comfort & Safety
  • Waterproof Options Available


  • Limited Protection
  • Laces Can Be Dangerous

The other issue is that you’re going to be working with laces in a lot of cases, which can get caught up in moving parts.

So if you want to consider a boot that’s going to maximize protection, let’s take a look at Sport Trac boots.

Sport Track Boots

Sport Track Boots

A lot of the technology that we’re going to have derived here is coming directly from the MotoGP grid. These are some of the most advanced boots available for those of you riding on the street or a racetrack.

Some of the pros of sport and track boots are that they will give you maximized protection, a lot of times, you will see full torsional bracing within these boots.

Yet, it does so in a way that still allows for great flexibility as well as tactile feedback when you’re working the controls.

You’re also going to see, in a lot of cases, replaceable hard parts, so as you begin to wear them out, you can swap them out with new options without having to replace the entire boot.

Some of the cons of sport and track boots are that you’re not going to have a lot of casual options available, and these aren’t designed for all-day comfort and use.


  • Maximum Protection
  • Tactile Feedback
  • Replaceable Parts


  • Not Casual
  • Uncomfortable Over Time
  • Expensive

The other part is that all the research and design that goes into them comes at a cost.

For those of you that are looking for more of a blend of some of the protection you see here but with more all-day comfort thrown in, let’s take a look at touring boots.

Touring Boots

Touring Boots

Touring Boots are focused on riders that spend long days in the saddle. Some of the pros of touring boots are they do an excellent job of blending both comforts as well as protection.

When we talk about the comfort, we’re talking all-day comfort both on and off a motorcycle.

You’re looking at boots that will offer weather protection in the form of waterproofing mesh as well as perforation so you can pick and choose how you want to combat whatever weather you might need to tackle.

You’re also going to have options for both mid height as well as full-height boots so you can figure out which ones work best for you and your riding style.

Some of the cons of touring boots are going to be the fact that you don’t have a lot of options for torsional bracing and protection the way we saw with the sport and track boot options.


  • All-Day Comfort
  • Weather Versatility
  • Multiple Heights Available


  • Limited Torsional Protection
  • Limited Styling

You’re not going to see much variety in style, and a lot of the boots in this category are going to look similar.

For those of you out there that want a little more color to your world of boots, or perhaps you don’t ride on the street, let’s take a look at dirt boots.

Dirt Bike Boots

Dirt Bike Boots

Our fourth option today is dirt boots; they are designed for folks riding primarily off-road. They will maximize protection over everything else, and that’s our first Pro for these boots.

They will give maximum protection for both your feet, your shins, and your ankles.

These are going to be pretty much the beefiest boots available for you to choose from.

You’re also looking at boots that are primarily only available in a full-height option, and there is no shortage of wild color and graphics for you to choose.

Some of the cons of dirt bike boots, however, is that they’re not designed for comfort once you’re off the motorcycle. These are incredibly stiff and rigid boots. The other thing is that, realistically, there are not too many options available for waterproof protection.


  • Maximum Protection
  • Full Height
  • Variety Of Styles Available


  • Uncomfortable Off-Bike
  • Weatherproof Options Minimal

For those of you out there that are splitting your time riding both on-road and offroad, let’s take a look at our final option today, and that will be adventure boots.

Adventure Boots

Adventure Boots

Adventure Boots target folks that are splitting their time riding bikes both on and off-road within the same trip.

The pros that you’d see with adventure boots are they do an excellent job of marrying the protection of dirt boots with the comfort of touring boots.

You’re going to have options for inclement weather, and you’re going to have a robust off-road styling. However, the cons here and the first con is very similar to the pros it is a compromised boot.

You’re looking at a boot that’s not going to be as comfortable in the street as a full touring boot would be, and it’s not going to be protective as protective off-road as a full dirt bike boot would be.

When it comes to that styling that we were talking about, really, you’re going to be limited to a particular style, and if you don’t like that style, you’re pretty much out of luck.


  • Blend of Protection
  • Versatile Weatherproof Protection
  • Off-road Styling


  • Compromise Boot
  • Polarized Styling

Motorcycle Boot Sizing

Once you’ve narrowed down the style boot, it’s time to determine the correct size.

The most accepted way of doing this is by using a branded device, but a branding device isn’t something we typically have lying around the house.

However, you can usually find one in the shoe department of your local mall or sporting goods store.

What I found is that typically once I know my size in a major manufacturer’s pair of boots, I pretty much run the same size across the board for all motorcycle boots.

At this point, you should have a pair of boots that match up with your riding style, as well as your fitment preferences.

We are always going to recommend that when they show up, walk around your house where the boots and make sure that they fit you comfortably, but keep in consideration what the materials are the boots made from.

For example, a pair of leather lace-up boots will break in and get more comfortable over time, but a full textile option with a lot of TPR and TPU will fit relatively the same the day you take them out of the box, regardless of how many times you ride them.

The one thing you can’t do is go out and ride in those boots until you are 100% sure that they fit you correctly.

If you’re happy with your boots and you don’t feel any discomfort, congratulations, you just found your newest pair of motorcycle boots.


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